What is theCityMoms?

Momma, we see you. A woman trying to juggle it all. In the hustle of motherhood, life, career – and all the other things you manage! – you’re left wondering who you even are anymore. You feel forgotten and isolated. You feel like maybe you missed something – all the other moms seem to have it together. You’ve put yourself on the back burner over and over. But now you’re ready to leave the guilt from spending energy and effort on you behind, and finally invest in yourself. Enter theCityMoms.

What is theCityMoms?

theCityMoms is a sisterhood for the modern mom. We serve women searching for a loving, open community of others, ready to rewrite the story of motherhood. We foster real connections and relationships. We break moms free from the isolation and burnout of parenting. We are a collective that believes we are more than just moms.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • A vibrant collective of CityMoms – a loving, open community designed for all women in a mom role
  • Exclusive weekly event opportunities – customize your own event schedule with experiences organized by theCityMoms Events team
  • Placement in a local PLAYgroup – where available, micro-communities of CityMoms members in your own neighborhood
  • Member discounts to ticketed, public events – membership to theCityMoms has its perks! You’ll receive early admission opportunities and premier discounts on our special public events.
  • Access to an active, virtual community 24/7 – for connecting with other CityMoms on the days between in-person meetups, our digital community has your back during late nights or the wee early hours of the morning.
  • Perks with partners valued at up to $350 monthly – we love to say that #momperksrock. With discounts ranging from services for YOU to services for CityKids to even services for your car, our full list of special perks with local partners will make anyone scream for joy.
  • Weekly Sunday Scoop newsletters – stay connected to theCityMoms with our easy ‘here’s the happening this week in 1-2-3’ newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.
  • Monthly empowerment + education from experts in our online community – because not every mom has the opportunity to meet at physical events, we’ll bring the education to you once a month with special expert chats and more. Ask your most pressing parenting questions and find support here.

Every mom needs her tribe. We want to be yours. Get started here.