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You did it. You hit one of the most quintessential “adult” milestones there is–you purchased a home. No longer beholden to a landlord. Committed to a 30 year mortgage, gulp. You are kind of a big deal.

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But… with great power comes great responsibility {ok sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of Spiderman at my house lately!}. Owning a home requires work, and the downside of no longer having a landlord is that YOU, yes you, are on the hook for any and all repairs, renovations, and emergencies. However, if you commit to a routine maintenance schedule, the work and the financial obligation become much more manageable. Still feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Questioning whether you actually even own a hammer? The plumbing of the house can be one of the most intimidating areas to tackle and one of the most expensive areas of repair when things go wrong. Thankfully our friends at HOPE Plumbing simplified the what and when of keeping your home’s pipes in tip-top shape.

Here’s a quick look at a home water maintenance checklist:

What to do every day…


What to do every month…

*Expert pro tip, set a calendar reminder to do these tasks at the same time you pay your mortgage and change your air filter (yes, you need to do that monthly as well).

  • Check for leaks around the house. Be on the lookout for water stains on ceilings, standing water, or a mildewy smell.
  • Observe that your drains are draining and that water is coming out of your faucet, not the handles, etc.

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What to do every year…

  • Inspect the major components of your plumbing system: sump pump, water heater, toilets, faucets, etc. Look for obvious defects, puddles of water, and generally observe the condition.
  • Check your gutters and down spouts and clean any debris if necessary.
  • When summer rolls around, check outdoor faucets and sprinklers for leaks and corrosion.


That’s not so scary, right? Doing these small tasks throughout the year can save you lots of time and money. Still a little unsure about the whole thing? HOPE Plumbing can fix that with their Service Partner Plan Membership which provides members with ongoing safety inspections, service discounts, and much more. Once you have that kind of peace of mind you can get back to the fun parts of home ownership like Target runs and house-warming parties, right?

MORE DETAILS: HOPE Plumbing is a locally-owned and operated full service, residential and commercial plumbing company in the Indianapolis area. They offer a wide range of plumbing services including broken pipe repair, cleaning of clogged main lines, fixture plumbing repair, gas plumbing and water system installation. To schedule an appointment, visit their website or phone {317} 900-4513. 


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