The garden gnomes will be back in action at the Garfield Park Conservatory this March! The following is a recap of CityMom writer Abby’s visit last season – hopefully it gives you an idea of what could be in store at the 2019 showing of “Gnome Away From Home.” This is a super family-friendly and fun activity but only around for a short while in March so start making your plans now! Here’s our CityMoms Report:

Although it’s not a short drive for us, our family visited over the weekend and really enjoyed being able to explore this little gem in Indianapolis.

Gnome Garfield Conservatory - theCityMoms

Gnome Away From Home is a family-friendly event put on by the beautifully maintained Garfield Conservatory. It runs through March 31st.

Walking up to the building, we noticed some whimsy and poofy trees painted on the windows. We were excited to visit Gnome Away From Home, the Garfield Conservatory’s annual winter display of garden gnomes and their antics… While it was dreary outside, we were welcomed into a warm, green, and vibrant setting. Before we knew it, we were in the Land of The Lorax.  The bright colors popped against all the green and were the perfect way to start off the display!

Gnome Garfield Conservatory - theCityMoms

Gnome Garfield Conservatory - theCityMoms

We grabbed our scavenger hunt list and were off! We were able to find almost all of the items for the hunt except one of the bonus items – The Ninja {let me tell you… the bonus items are hidden well.}. The gal at the front was full of clues to help with the find when we came up short though. It took some bending, crouching down, and keen eyes to find that one.

This year’s theme was a hit too –  kids movies & fairy tales! Snow White, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and the Wizard of Oz were just a few of the arrangements. The Emerald City staging was my favorite. Colorful, big and seemed to take center stage!  My girls enjoyed it too.

Gnome Garfield Conservatory - theCityMoms

Gnome Garfield Conservatory - theCityMoms

The entire display takes about 25-40 min to walk around depending on how fast you search or how much you read about the plant life around you. And the quirky music keeps you in the spirit the whole way through. Don’t feel like you can’t go around multiple times either. We walked through it three times, and I let my 1.5 year old walk the last lap. {Hot parenting tip: Just keep an eye on the littles around the koi ponds.}    

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While we did run around the gardens last time, we didn’t get out to explore this time because it was raining. We can’t wait to go search for the gnomes again next year! And hopefully we’ll get around to taking the gardens in while they are in bloom. It’s a real treat when the weather is a bit nicer because the conservatory is surrounded by these beautiful sunken gardens.

Gnome Garfield Conservatory - theCityMoms

So hurry to see Gnome Away From Home at Garfield Conservatory before the gnomes head on out: This display is sure to put a smile on your face and is the perfect time to spend with the family!

MORE INFO: Gnome Away From Home runs March 16-31, 2019. The Garfield Conservatory is located at 2505 Conservatory Drive on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Admission is $4/person or $10/family. For more details, visit their website or their registration page on the Indy Parks website.



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