As a {mostly} #boymom I have struggled daily with certain questions and parenting choices involving my boys. In a world where I know they have to grow up to be better than their predecessors – but also be able to match the expectations of those older than them – how I am supposed to prepare them for “the real world?”

Should I teach them to be strong and pensive, so they don’t get made fun of on the playground and fit in with the board rooms I see at so many companies? Do I teach them that all emotions are good and to never be afraid to express them, even if that might come with consequences?

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These very real questions came to a head the other night when I was getting my family ready to visit Lights at the Brickyard – one of our favorite holiday traditions. I told my three older children to go get in to the car while I finished gathering everything from the house. While I was finishing in the kitchen, my youngest son {3} decided to run out the front door of our house. I immediately dropped everything and ran faster than I ever knew I could. I did catch him but not until he had already reached the street in front of our house in pitch black night.

I grabbed him and squeezed him tighter than I ever have before – and started to sob uncontrollably. Seeing my very raw and open emotions – I’m the kind of mom who prefers to do her crying in the closet with a glass of wine! – scared my son and caused him to cry as well. After a moment or two, my husband took my son from my arms to help us both calm down. We finally got packed up and headed to our intended event.

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I have been thinking about that night constantly since it happened and I think it truly helped me answer the questions I struggle with when raising my boys. I will teach them to be strong – because there will be a time when someone in your life needs them to be the calm while they cry on the driveway. I will teach them to be pensive – because not every thought needs to be shared right as you have them. I will teach them empathy – they need to understand the emotions of those around them and maybe even help others find good ways to express those emotions. I will teach them to be better but I will teach them to be accepting of all those that have come before them that were better than their predecessors.


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Liz Duvall is an Indianapolis native who loves outdoor concerts, craft beer, and food trucks. Liz grew up in the Glendale neighborhood but currently resides near Ben Davis with her 4 kids, husband, and dog Harley. She also serves as theCityMoms Director of Partnerships, finding fun+creative ways for our organization to connect even more into the greater Indianapolis community… And yes, her smile is just as bright in person as pictured.