We turned to our resident CityMom DIY expert this month- Abby, that’s you girl! – for some quick+easy holiday decor tips. And she was all “I have the perfect idea – DIY cardboard holiday trees!” Take it away Abby!

So I don’t know about you mommas out there, but I have an online shopping addiction.  ESPECIALLY in December. I’ve got boxes coming out of my booty… So. Many. Boxes.

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

Couple that with the fact at the end of last year I basically threw away ALL of my holiday décor because I got new stockings. And obviously, nothing matched these new stockings. They have a more whimsical feel than my prior gold and silver decor. 

Enter this year and the great idea to add a little more whimsy to our holiday décor. How? Through more color. More Fun. And more imperfection. After all, holiday decorations don’t HAVE to look like they’re straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog, right?

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By doing this, I also figured it would be a great way to incorporate my girls into helping. Sometimes the best projects – especially those involving our children – are the simplest!

With all these extra shipping boxes around, I realized I loved the neutral tone of a cardboard box as a starting point: Why not craft them into different tree shapes for the girls to paint?! 
Genius, I know.  Genius.

Step #1: Cut out the shapes…

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

Step #2: Put some paint on a plate or palette of some kind:

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

Step #3: Let the girls get creative.

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

And voila! They were done. The best part about this easy craft {aside from the fact it requires little to no artistic skills!} is that when finished, they can really go anywhere! Try them inside windows or screen doors like this:

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

Or on a shelf or mantelpiece like I have them now…

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

Or as added decor on a stairwell…

DIY Cardboard Holiday Trees - theCityMoms

Voila: I have new, whimsical holiday decor handled AND I’ve recycled some of those pesky cardboard boxes – woohoo! In the end, I really love this new décor… and I’m planning to do something with these in future years:

  • Take pictures and have them printed?
  • Keep for next year?
  • Make smaller garland trees out of them for future Christmases?

Either way, the girls had fun and so did I. What is YOUR favorite holiday DIY project? Hop over to Twitter and let us know @theCityMoms.



Abigail Kellermeyer - theCityMoms

Abigail Hake Kellermeyer is a former professional figure skater who works full time as a Program Specialist for Customs Border Protection. In her spare time you can find her blogging about her most recently attended CityMoms event, fun DIY how-tos and more at her own site, Little Miss Martha.

Abby lives in Noblesville with her hockey guru husband Mike and their two spitfire daughters Ella and Olive. Abby is a regular contributor to theCityMoms blog.