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Attention parents. Are you having a bad day? Are you feeling the weight of adulthood on your shoulders? Are you wondering how you are in fact doing as a parent? Need a morale boost? Watch the look on your child’s face when they accomplish a goal. I’m not talking Olympic feats here, either, I mean the sheer pleasure of watching a young child achieve anything, from something as simple as successfully stacking that tower of blocks to more advanced endeavors such as getting promoted to that next level at swim classes.

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Don’t we all feel great when we earn a sense of accomplishment? As adults we tend to have more of those opportunities, whether it be a promotion at work, setting a personal record at a 5K, or maybe just getting three kids dressed and out of the house on time. We need the challenge, and we crave the positive reinforcement.

Our kids need those challenges, too, not only for the sense of pride achieved when they reach a goal, but also for the resiliency that is built when they don’t.

School can be a great place to foster an environment of intellectual challenge, but it’s important to create other opportunities for our children as well.

LET’S GET SWIMMY WITH ITPutting fear away – one mom’s experience with Goldfish Swim School

Like what you are hearing but not sure how to incorporate these ideas into your actual parenting strategy? Consider enrolling your kiddo in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Remember that morale boost I talked about earlier? Well, get ready to be boosted. Goldfish challenges kids of all ages to push themselves both mentally and physically in a safe and nurturing environment. Teachers encourage, coach, and guide children to reach many kinds of goals. Just sit outside the pool and watch the beaming smiles creeping across children’s faces.

What’s great about Goldfish is that achievement takes on all different shapes and sizes.

Here are just a few examples of goals set for kids: 

  • Getting in the pool with no tears
  • Finishing a lesson
  • Earning a ribbon
  • Mastering a new skill
  • Listening to the teacher
  • Making new friends
  • Getting promoted to the next level
  • Swimming independently

Whether your child is an athletic prodigy or a shy kid who needs a nudge, she will make and achieve goals at Goldfish Swim School, which will foster confidence, pride, and will continue to set her up for success. And bonus, you will feel pretty great as a parent!

MORE INFO: Goldfish Swim School is a premier learn-to-swim facility dedicated entirely to infants and children, ages four months to 12 years. They have two locations in the greater Indianapolis area: 271 Merchants Square Drive in Carmel and 11581 Geist Pavilion Drive in Fishers. Lessons are offered in a child-friendly environment on a family-friendly schedule. Visit goldfishswimschool.com or call {317} 810.0790 for additional details.



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