Summer road trip fever has hit our CityMoms members: They’re talking car rides to Florida, Hilton Head, Washington DC and even California this year {godspeed Vanessa D!}. When books have become a bore and tablet time has worn down yours AND the kids’ attention spans, it helps to have a few games at the ready.

So theCityMoms partnered with Fletcher Chrysler of Franklin, Indiana on a list of 5 fun family road trip games:

Road trip games family - theCityMoms

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Road trip games family - theCityMoms

What are some other games to add to spice up your family road trip?

  • I SPY {a classic!}
  • The License Plate Game: Keep a running list of all the different license plates you find on the road. Bonus for Canadian provinces or other country plates!
  • 20 Questions: Have one player select a person, place or thing. Other players can then use up to 20 questions total to guess the answer.
  • Car Bingo: Create easy travel bingo cards at home for kids to cross off on the road. {Think church, tractor, horse, yellow sign, etc.}
  • Storytime: Players create a story together. Take turns with each player adding one sentence to the story at a time. End when the story feels complete OR the car tires of the game.
  • Two truths and one lie: Have one player begin by telling 3 sentences – two of which are true and one which is a lie. Other participants must guess which one is the lie. {A fun way to be creative together!}

What is your family’s favorite road trip game? Pop over to theCityMoms Facebook page and tell us.

We’d like to thank Fletcher Chrysler of Franklin, Indiana for providing the graphics and details for this post. Fletcher Chrysler is located at 3099 North Morton.