3,000 diapers. In. One. Year.

8,000 diapers. Per. Child.

$5,000. The amount an average American family will spend on diapers.

Indiana Diaper Bank - theCityMoms

Now I don’t know about you, but five thousand dollars is certainly not chump change for my family. We are pretty squarely middle class like most Americans, which means that every penny counts when it comes to managing our finances.

What about the families who are living paycheck to paycheck, often not making ends meet? What about the parents who are forced to choose between diapers or food? Unfortunately, this reality is all too common.

Enter CityMom Rachael Suskovich and The Indiana Diaper Bank.

Rachael brings years of professional experience in the public health sector – and more recently first-hand experience as a mother – together to fuel her passion for helping families who struggle to afford diapers.

Rachael writes about her “shocking realization of resources it takes to care for a baby.” She knew she wanted to help, and after initial conversations it became clear to her that diapers were a pervasive need for families, especially since public benefits don’t cover the cost of diapers.

The Indiana Diaper Bank provides diapers to partner agencies throughout Marion County. These partner agencies, such as Children’s Bureau, Inc., the Nurse Family Partnership with Goodwill, Fletcher Place Community Center, and most recently Exodus Refugee Immigration, ensure that diapers get into the hands of the people who need them the most.

Indiana Diaper Bank - theCityMoms

A local Indianapolis mom drops off her donations // Photo courtesy of the Indiana Diaper Bank Facebook page.

Although other organizations such as food pantries offer diapers to Marion county residents, Rachael quickly learned through her research that there was not a single organization providing “a reliable and adequate supply” of diapers. Rachael and the volunteers of The Indiana Diaper Bank set out to change that in 2017, and they are still working hard to achieve their mission.

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Rachael feels strongly about this work, and for good reason. Lack of access to basic resources like diapers can result in maternal depression, hygiene and health issues for babies, and even collateral damage such as loss of employment for parents because daycare without diapers just isn’t possible.

Did you know that Indianapolis is a “diaper desert?”

In fact, Indianapolis is one of the few cities that did not have a diaper bank or similar non-profit organization. Rachael and her team are working to fix that problem, and they rely heavily on individual donations to accomplish that lofty goal. Rachael has coined the term “friend-raising” to describe how her organization has sought to raise awareness and subsequently solicit donations through spreading awareness about the diaper deficit.

The organization is still young. In fact, Rachael and her volunteer board all use their personal homes as diaper storage sites. And while the Diaper Bank relies exclusively on donations, Rachael has visions of expanding to a warehouse and securing funding in the future.

“I had nothing to lose,” Rachael says of her decision to start The Indiana Diaper Bank.

She loves being able to stay home with her two daughters, ages 2 years and 6 months, but The Indiana Diaper Bank has given her an identity and purpose outside of motherhood. “This is too obvious of a need,” Rachael says.

If you have experienced diaper sticker shock, you are probably wondering by now how you can help Rachael and The Indiana Diaper Bank. First, spread the word. Word of mouth advertising is integral to creating awareness and raising money. Follow them on social media and tell your friends. Second, buy some diapers. Rachael is proud that 100% of monetary donations go towards purchasing diapers and that every diaper goes directly to a local organization. And yes, her living room might be overflowing with Pampers and Huggies soon, but she doesn’t mind.



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