The following is a snapshot into some of the ongoing fun we have at theCityMoms. It’s a recap of a recent event with Goldfish Swim School – a treasured sponsor of theCityMoms! – and meant to not only inspire your own adventures but perhaps entice you to join us on the journey. Read on, reader, then sign up for your own theCityMoms membership here.

Winter Break: When kids stay up to the wee hours, the great chill arrives and parents everywhere are begging for things to do. As we headed into December, Winter Break planning was on our minds. We wanted an event that would help expel some cabin fever but wasn’t your typical pool playdate.

“How about a New Years party?” said Goldfish Swim School.

New Years Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

Yes. A hard yes from us.

Goldfish Swim School has only been a partner of theCityMoms since October 2017, although so. many. of. our. members. have been long-time patrons. We constantly hear about ease at Goldfish – ease in scheduling lessons, availability, the experience. And they made planning this outing just that: Easy.

We spent a few weeks idea-sharing until we had what we thought was just the right formula of fun: A pool playdate with some activities and NYE-themed food that everyone could look forward to. We were blessed to have such willing, collaborative partners who weren’t afraid to come at us with creative ideas!

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

Our date was set for Thursday, December 28th so it was close enough to New Years without overlapping too much on family plans.

When our CityMoms arrived, they were greeted by Goldfish Swim School Area Manager Andrew Joseph and staff. One thing I’ve noticed each time I walk in to Goldfish? Employees always have smiles on their faces. I don’t know what Goldfish is doing right for their staffers but they are the happiest bunch so keep on, keeping on Goldfish.

Goldfish Swim School Riley Cheer Guild - theCityMoms

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

Families filled out waivers to swim, got kiddos changed and exchanged hellos in the lobby. We had a group size of around 50 so the lobby was filled with chatter. But let’s face it: We were here to swim. Andrew greeted our crew and pointed them directly to the pool.

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

The thing is: This is where most pool playdates end.

You finish your fun swim, head to the showers, get everyone dried off, change and go home. But this is where all that extra planning time came into play.

After our families dried off from the pool, we were welcomed into the lobby with sparkling cider, noisemakers, decorated cookies and NYE hats. Staffers had spread coloring pages out for kids to enjoy. It was a true New Year Party at Goldfish Swim School.

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

New Year Goldfish Swim - theCityMoms

3… 2… 1…

The morning was topped off by a balloon drop at the count of 10 – something our CityKids really got into. Andrew was in charge of the final tug on the balloons, immediately followed by the CityKids chasing them around the lobby.

As our families departed – some of them as newly-minted customers! – the feedback was positive. I can’t believe I’ve never swam here before. I can’t wait to bring my family back for a Family Swim next month. When’s our next group swim?

You guys always come up with the most fun ideas for events. <– This is some of my favorite feedback to hear. As theCityMoms Chief Mom Officer, it shows me we’re paying off the experience we market and promise our members. It also confirms our members enjoy the time they spend with us. Happy members = consistent activity = great word of mouth = a healthy culture. And happy experiences with wonderful partners like Goldfish Swim School = a partnership match made in heaven.

If you’re in a moms/parenting/MOPS/playdate group, what are some ways you make events unique for YOUR members? Tweet us at @theCityMoms – we’d love to hear from you.



Jeanine Bobenmoyer headshot - theCityMomsJeanine Bobenmoyer – like many moms – wears numerous hats including wife, mother of 2, trail runner, yoga-addict, Michigan native, die-hard Wolverines fan, Thai food enthusiast and avid reader. After years spent in the world of advertising agencies, she now curbs her Mad Men tendencies as a Communications Manager for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Jeanine is also the Chief Mom Officer and Founder of theCityMoms. Find Jeanine on TwitterInstagram and in the sale section at Anthropologie.


Founded by husband and wife team, Jenny and Chris McCuiston, Goldfish Swim School provides swim lessons and water safety instruction to infants and children ages four months to 12 years. Classes are offered by specially trained instructors in a safe, child-friendly and fun environment. Goldfish currently teaches more than 70,000 students per week to swim and be safer in and around the water. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Goldfish Swim School was established in Birmingham, Michigan, in 2006 and opened its first franchise location in 2009. They are currently in the process of expanding franchise opportunities throughout North America, with over 80 schools open or in development in more than 23 states and Canada. Indianapolis locations may be found in Carmel and Fishers. Call {317} 810-0790 to inquire about lessons or visit their website. Tell them theCityMoms sent you!