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Dear Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party: You did it. You birthday partied us.

Here’s the evidence:

Do you see these happy faces? They are because of you. You with your ‘we make party planning easy’ promises. The ‘let us custom-create an experience for you.’ And your ‘we designate a personal party concierge to just your group’ surprises.

Here I was ready to chase 7 kids {6 boys and a little sister} around Main Event Entertainment in Indianapolis on Saturday in celebration of my big guy’s entry into double digits. Enter Andrea, Main Event’s answer to everything. She greeted us as we arrived, ushered us to our designated area, helped round up partiers and before I knew it, had all our bowling shoes lined up. It was time to hit the lanes.

Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party - theCityMoms

Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party - theCityMoms

1-2pm: Bowling

What’s more to love about the bowling experience at Main Event? {Read: Nothing.} The experience is customizable to the participant – meaning the computer is way smarter than I am. It not only knows which bowler needs bumpers but drops and retracts them automatically.

After a few near-misses of wayward bowling balls, the kids loved the friendly competition… AND editing their names on the big screen when mom wasn’t looking. Luckily Andrea was and clued me in.

2-2:30pm: Pizza

What you should see next is a photo of everyone eating but I was starving and took zero photos during lunch. I loved that Main Event offered us a few different options for party eats. We made it easy and selected pizza which is always a tween-boy, fan-favorite.

The boys scarfed down the pizza and I managed to squeeze out a slice which was… fabulous! Like seriously pizzeria worthy.

There were bottomless Sprites abound and two servers available to help keep the table’s occupants happy.

Adjacent to our dedicated birthday party seating area was a beautifully-outfitted bar, pool tables and plenty of room for parents to stretch out. Note to self: Great spot to return to. Or for date night. Or to hide after a poor bowling performance.

Then, it was time to attack the Arcade:

Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party - theCityMoms

Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party - theCityMoms2:30-3pm: Arcade

With our birthday package, each kiddo received a $5 game card. I will admit that amount didn’t stretch far in the Arcade – it’s one of the areas I’d recommend either bumping up the spending on or decrease time in. My husband quickly dropped an additional $60 to give the boys 4 games each so I could see spending at the Arcade climbing quickly if you’re not cautious.

That said, there was nothing like watching the boys line up for a full court press on the basketball game! And when only one still had time left, all the boys ran over to help sink a few before the buzzer. There were plenty of games though to spread between so basketball only lasted about .47892645 seconds.

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3-3:15pm: Laser tag

Let’s just be forthcoming now and confirm I knew there was no way to capture any quality photos at Laser Tag. Dark venue, quickly-moving kids, lots of lights. But I tried.

Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party - theCityMoms

The Laser Tag setup was perfect and I’m glad we added it to our party package. Each kiddo was given a code name and a team. Vests were donned, lasers set and they were sent inside the arena vs. another team. Hot tip: The Laser Tag strategy for a bunch of 10 year-old-boys consists of yelling “Go, Go, Go” over and over. Don’t get in the way of this.

They lost. To a mom with her 3 sisters. I high-fived the winning team as they exited.

3:15-3:30: Cake

The boys were definitely beat at this point so we did what any good parents would do: We stuffed them full of cake for the ride home. At this point, Main Event staff had consolidated all of our seating down to one large round table for cake and present opening.

We got ready to beg her to come home with us bid farewell to Andrea. The boys batted about who should be deemed the WINNER of the day’s activities. Luckily my son won out. Apparently being the birthday boy has its perks. Main Event staff came over to wish us a final HBD and make sure we had everything needed for the road.

Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party - theCityMoms

In all, Main Event Entertainment Birthday Party process could not have been more seamless. They treated us with the utmost professionalism, handled everything and made me a happy momma. Let’s mention those faces again: Scroll up to those happy faces at the beginning of this post. That’s what it was all about. So Main Event, you birthday partied us, you dazzled us, and I love ya for it. Thank you.


MORE INFORMATION: Main Event Entertainment of Indianapolis is located at 4016 E. 82nd Street in the building formerly occupied by Latitude 39. To plan your own custom birthday party, check out their website or call them at {317} 635-7777. Disclaimer: Main Event Entertainment gifted our writer with an Extreme Birthday Party package in exchange for this review. Whilst an amazing and wonderful opportunity, our writer does have opinions of her own. All were expressed above with no bearing on the freebie offering from Main Event.



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