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Hey reader! Please know theCityMoms received a gift card from Qdoba in exchange for trying their new in-restaurant deal. Did it sway our opinions? Heck no. We have minds of our own and are happy to share our feedback. But we’re definitely thankful that they sent it. So read on.  

We were starving. The kids were going haywire. I was getting a smidge desperate. And then I remembered: Qdoba had shipped us a gift card to try out their new Qdoba 2/$22 deal, so we turned the car around and promptly headed over.

I’ll admit: We’ve never been frequent Qdoba patrons. My kids are fairly adventurous eaters, but our fast-casual preferences usually lie somewhere in the realm of chicken fingers and grilled cheese. In other words, Qdoba is rarely on my radar.

Qdoba deal - theCityMoms

Enter the new 2/$22 deal: I figured it was time to reignite the light on a Qdoba run.

Upon entering, I was a bit confused exactly what was included in our $22, and I’ll admit the signage wasn’t uber clear so I prompted the employee behind the counter.

“Everything. All the food is included so you can pick any two entree items.”

Deal. I selected a vegetarian burrito bowl and the kiddos decided to split a quesadilla. Truth be told, the burrito bowl I walked away with had more food in it than I could handle so it definitely became a great next-day lunch, extending the cost out to cover not one but two meals.

Chips and queso were added into our bag too as a bonus. I personally would have loved a fruit or veggie replacement option for the kids vs. more filler food but hey, we had blueberries at home to finish up anyway.

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At the counter we ran into an issue with the gift card that the manager needed to handle. That was okay though because Qdoba also has those space age-like soda machines where you select drinks on a touchscreen and add in flavorings. It kept the kids busy. {We walked out with what I’m sure is a concoction even PepsiCo would cringe at.}

I was impressed in the amount of food we were given to take home and that this promotion covered everything they could offer. Too often deals exclude X or Y and the deal loses its luster.

But to feed 3 people {and frankly leftovers enough for lunch the next day?} comes out to a full $5.50/pp. And that’s hard to beat.





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