Swimsuits for the post baby body

There comes a time in every mom’s life where she has to wear a swimsuit post baby…whether it be one month or one year.  No matter who you are, your post baby body is different. Your way of thinking is different. Your capacity to function on intermittent sleep is different. Who are we kidding… EVERYTHING is different!

Words + Styling: Danielle Smith @freshfettle

Pics: Carissa Hawkins Photography @carissahawkinsphoto

Model Momma: Hannah Curtis @awwdacity

We’ve crossed the threshold into motherhood and there’s no going back.  With so many changes at hand, do we have to sacrifice our style just because we’re moms? Nope! You can still look great and knock ‘em dead at the beach or pool toting your bundle of joy or keeping up with a swift-footed toddler. Sheesh! {Wiping sweat from brow} Embrace this new you in order to truly be present in the moment.  Chic can come easy when we keep the silhouette simple and the accessories in touch with the flirty girl that’s inside all of us. In other words: #LoveWhereYouAre


Swimsuits for the post baby body


Okay, let’s just address this right off the bat: Banish those inhibitions! You can rock a bikini. Yes, you! Momma Hannah wasn’t sure what to expect when she arrived to the photo shoot this month, but she did just that: Banished the inhibitions, tossed on a bikini in a bright shade and channeled her inner Bridget Bardot.

Here are tips for rocking your own ‘kini:

First, try on suits that provide the support and coverage you need.  

Next, have fun and try a classic style that nods to the past.

Finally, finish your look with modern details that brings the look up to date. #Timeless


Swimsuit: Bleu By Rod Beattie c/o Macy’s @BlueRodBeattie @Macys.

Sunglasses + Earrings: Boomerang Boutique @BoomerangBtq.

Hat: Calvin Klein c/o Macy’s. @CalvinKlein @Macys



swimsuits for post baby bodyAre you avoiding patterns? Don’t. Here’s the hot tip: Understanding scale is key.  

I mean, we get that picking a pattern can be daunting: Florals? Stripes? Dots? Colorblock?

So start by looking at prints you actually like, both large and small. Novel idea, right? That will help you scan the swimwear department.

Then, pick up what catches your eye first.  

Once you have some lovelies in hand, try on a variety of styles in that pattern.

And it probably goes without saying but keep the suits that make you feel the most comfortable and confident.  #TakeRisks

Here, we heart that Hannah so confidently rocks her gorgeous body art as an accessory to this pop of pattern.


Swimsuit: Calvin Klein c/o Macy’s @Calvin Klein @Macys

Necklace: Boomerang Boutique    @BoomerangBtq



Functional doesn’t have to mean foreclosure on fun: Go ahead and add in some extra details to make your swim look special! For example:

Choose a suit with a simple design in the front but interest in the back.  

Sweep hair off your face and add a colorful bandana or headband. Or add a sweet braid if the heat is too much.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize it up. Sunglasses. A summer-y scarf. Your go-to necklace.

And of course, a smile that glows like Hannah’s always helps. #FunAndFunction

Swimsuits for post baby body

Swimsuits for post baby body


Swimsuit: Miraclesuit c/o Macy’s @MiraclesuitSwim @Macys

Earrings: Boomerang Boutique @BoomerangBtq

Bandana: I.N.C. @InternationalConcepts @Macys

Bracelets: Michelle Maroccco @MMMarocco


Swimsuits for the post baby body4. TOUCHY FEELY

Want to add some texture to your life? Go right ahead!

Texture is an awesome alternative if you’re not crazy about a bold pattern.  

Plus, it’s a bit more durable over the long run, and disguises fabric wrinkles if you’ve gained a few during the drying process or your swimsuit has sat in the pool bag a little too long.  

If you have any aren’t-my-favorite-to-show-off-in-a-swimsuit areas, textures can also help conceal them for a more confident you.

So let that soft, tactile fabric cozy up on your skin. #GetCloser

{We spy that smile again Hannah!}


Swimsuit: Penbrooke c/o Beach Baby Surf & Swim Shop @BeachBabySwimShop


Swimsuits for post baby body


You’re one hot momma!

And black suits don’t have to be anywhere in the stratosphere of boring.

Look for options like this one-piece style which make it above-basic: The faux leather trim gives it a hint of sexy.

And a killer attitude definitely kicks the look up a notch.

Throw on a pair of dope sunglasses and you’re good to go at the pool or beach. #MomsRock


Swimsuit: Magicsuit c/o Beach Baby Surf & Swim Shop @MagicsuitSwim @Macys

Sunglasses: Boomerang Boutique @BoomerangBtq

You’ve got the tips, you’ve got the look, so tell us in the comments: Which of these suits pictured was your favorite and why?

Hey Hannah, give us a fierce look as we head out to the pool, k?

Swimsuits for the post baby body


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Carissa Hawkins Headshot - theCityMomsMan alive we loved working with Carissa Hawkins, a local Indy mom who wasn’t afraid to pump Beyonce during our swimsuit shoot and had her 2 kiddos scooting around as helpers. She opened her gorgeous home to us for this month’s project and has a great eye behind the lens. Find her work at website and stay tuned for last-minute openings via her Facebook page. Oh and please tell her we said hi!


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