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Member Guidelines for theCityMoms

Following are the guidelines we use to govern theCityMoms organization**. To all incoming members: Read these policies thoroughly and contact theCityMoms Organizer Team with any questions at To all current members: Please review these on an annual basis to keep them fresh in your mind.

theCityMoms is a healthy and *loving* environment where ALL members should feel welcome to connect and feel supported on all things related to parenting, motherhood, relationships, our community, the Indianapolis area, the occasional rant and/or anything else that comes to mind. We are here to listen, love on and be supportive of each other as moms.

  1. All members will treat one another with kindness and respect.
  2. Each mom chooses to parent in her own perfect way – all members will understand there is no one ‘right’ way to parent.
  3. Think before you act. Behind each comment, ask for support and member name is a real person.

Our goal for all CityMoms is regular activity so you can gain the most positive experience from the group. 

  1. We ask all new members to attend your first event within 30 days of joining to be sure our group is for you.
  2. After 14 days of membership – or once you have attended an event and have decided to stay {and we hope you do!} – we ask that you please pay your dues as a courtesy to our other paying members. See more under our DUES section.
  3. theCityMoms use to administer all of our event management. Incoming members are required to submit a profile request via Meetup at in order to join the group. We also recommend all incoming members download the Meetup app for ease.
  4. All member profiles must be filled out completely and include a photo of the mother as the main photo. We love photos of your kids, but seeing your face on your profile also helps our moms know who to look for at events.
  5. All members must be active. ‘Active’ members are classified as CityMoms who have paid their annual dues AND participated in a public event within the last 6 months.
  6. theCityMoms reserves the right to remove your membership from the group if your activity lapses beyond 6 months. All members will be contacted 1 time prior to this removal.
  7. Our Active members receive wonderful benefits such as:
  • A full events calendar planned by our Organizer team
  • Access to various premier events
  • Advanced movie screenings and business sneak previews
  • Approval to join our theCityMoms private Facebook page – where moms stay connected with each other in the days between physical meet ups
  • theCityMoms members-only perks and discounts at businesses and organizations around the Indianapolis area
  • The ability to join our Mompreneurs ‘moms in business’ networking group
  • The opportunity to promote one perk to our membership FOR FREE

We know these may sound ‘harsh’ or ‘business-like’ but know we need to put these guidelines in place in order to ensure all members understand what it means to be a part of an active organization.

  1. This is a meetup group. All members are asked to be active. Being active means attending at least one event every 6 months. As mothers, we understand that some circumstances {e.g. illness, travel, birth, etc.} do not always allow active participation, and Organizers will make exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis. If you are going to be inactive beyond 6 months, please let an Organizer know.
  2. Only RSVP Yes for events that you can attend. Treat any Yes RSVP as you would an appointment or a commitment you would make with a close friend. Please extend the same respect to members of our group.
  3. No-shows are a no-no. If you RSVP for an event, you are required per your membership to attend.
  4. Absentee Policy {No-Show Policy}
    • We view ‘Absentees’ as disrespectful to other members. Anyone who doesn’t follow the instructions outlined below when cancelling from an event is considered a ‘No Show.’ Accruing three ‘No Shows’ within a 30-day period is grounds for membership review by the organizers.
    • If within an hour of the event you change your RSVP without calling or emailing the host directly, you will still be marked as ‘Absent’. This is considered a late cancelation.
    • We understand that occasionally, an emergency may arise. If you have an emergency that prevents you from reaching the host before the event, please do so within 24 hours after the event takes place.
  1. A member who has been removed for violating our attendance policy may rejoin – at the discretion of the organizer team – after 30 days if she feels she can now be in compliance with the attendance policy. Members who have been removed more than twice for violating the attendance policy or for causing continued behavioral disruption may not be allowed to rejoin the group.

Email is our primary method of communication and a valid email address is necessary to remain connected. Please check your email daily/weekly for Meetup/event detail changes, waitlist updates and to ensure you are receiving reminders.

  1. Upfront Event Fees – From time to time we will plan events with upfront fees associated such as fixed-price dinners, classes, etc. Please do not reply yes unless you are 100% committed to going and will adhere to the payment instructions for the event. Anyone who is a yes is responsible for her share of the event cost. Failure to pay for an event is grounds for membership review by the organizers.
  2. Safety – We ask that you please meet an Organizer or Event Planner at a PUBLIC event BEFORE attending a private in-home event, or before hosting an event yourself personally (again, for comfort and safety of other group members).
  3. Occasionally theCityMoms feature ‘Announcement Only’ {marked as AO} events on our calendar. Please be advised that these events are not managed nor organized by theCityMoms. Any inquiries including event details, customer service issues or other concerns should be directed to the business in charge and not to theCityMoms.

4. In the circumstance an event’s attendance drops to 3 or less prior to the start time, the event hostess has the right to cancel or postpone to a future date without penalty.

  1. Beginning in 2018, membership dues are $35 annually.
    2. Per our Member Policies, dues are to be paid within 14 days of membership in the group even if you have NOT attended an event. Unpaid dues will lead to a member’s removal from theCityMoms, Meetup and our private Facebook community.
    3. For active members, dues will be collected on an annual basis, on your join date anniversary.PLEASE NOTE: We have a small number of Membership Dues Waivers or “scholarships” available each year. If you would like to discuss this option for you, please contact a member of the Organizer Team by emailing: All conversations will be kept confidential.
  1. Soliciting: Many of our members have their own businesses, but the main purpose of this group is social, NOT business oriented. Misusing the message boards, email functions of the site, play dates and/or our contact list to push your business is inappropriate and grounds for membership review by the organizers.
  • Members must be active with theCityMoms group for 90 days or more before soliciting within the group.
  • Solicitations should be limited to once a week on theCityMoms channels and ONLY included in the weekly group Mompreneurs posting on our private Facebook page. This post occurs each Wednesday at 10am. Any solicitations outside of this thread will lead to contact of the member with a kind reinforcement of group policies.
  1. Photography: Event hostesses are requested to take photography of our members and their families during public events. Photos can potentially be used on our Meetup, public Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and/or in various group marketing efforts. Any photographs saved to our Meetup site may be used for the purposes mentioned above.

3. Social media: Part of the reason theCityMoms receive such great opportunities for sneak previews, behind-the-scenes events and more is because of our power of social media. At times members will be encouraged to get social media-active on their personal networks and tag theCityMoms {@theCityMoms and #theCityMoms} for tracking purposes. All expectations for social media needs will be conveyed to members ahead of the event with appropriate tags and hashtags confirmed in advance. We thank you for your assistance!

**Additional guidelines may be added at any time.