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Beyonce said it best: “Who run the world? Girls!”

And it’s true. After years of watching the moms around us run it all – work, life, home, kids, the parks, the playgrounds, the non-profits, the Fortune 500s, the marathons, the upper echelons of our community, etc. – we found ourselves inspired to support and do the same. So we launched a not-your-average-moms-group to support these amazing women.

theCityMoms members

Our missions {yes plural – we have 2 of them!}

theCityMoms was born to empower mothers around us with a support network built just for them.

In fact that’s mission #1: To provide a social and support network for the moms of Indianapolis. You won’t find a corporate voice here. Just real ones from our real moms who run our very real world.

Then we layer in mission #2: Encouraging our moms to explore the community we live in. We love intro’ing our members to all that makes Indianapolis unique – the small businesses, the dedicated organizations, the hidden gems, the off-the-beaten-paths, the independents, the locals. All of it.

Okay boil it down – what exactly is theCityMoms?

theCityMoms is a “not your average moms group” member organization designed just for moms. We:

  • Host up to 15 different events every week for members to attend: Playdates, workouts, Mom Nights Out, educational classes and more!

  • Plan premier events for our most active members including movie sneak peeks, grand openings and other high-profile fun

  • Use Meetup as our event management tool

  • Offer a private, members-only forum to keep moms connected

  • Provide CityMoms-only perks to businesses locally and nationally


What does it cost?

Well first, all incoming members are offered a free 14-day trial of theCityMoms. If you decide to stay {and we think you will!}, your membership will cost just $35/year.

What moms can join?

Moms with one child. Moms with 2. Moms with 20. Expectant moms. Moms trying to conceive. Moms whose children have gone off to college. Stepmoms. Aunts. If you define yourself as a mom, we’re here for you.

What’s the catch?

Nothing. Like not one thing. No upsell. No hidden agenda. All of us are unique in our own right – this community is ‘not your average moms group.’ And yes momma. You belong here.

How do I join?

Simple. Head over to our Members/Join page to get started.

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