The perfect mother-daughter bucket list

//The perfect mother-daughter bucket list

When we were like “K, we want the ultimate go-to list of things to do for moms + daughters. Like a mother-daughter bucket list!” writer Amanda was the perfect gal to turn to. As mom to spitfire daughter Mira, Amanda is always on the lookout for fun with her little. Read on for ways to enjoy some fun with your own mini gal-pal!

The mommy daughter bond is a strong one. It’s a constant dance between building that little lady up and keeping her from knocking you down. My little lady is strong-willed, sassy, opinionated, a leader and does not back down easily.

She’s me. In a tiny gold bow.

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In an effort to build our relationship and the memories that will last long after we survive the teenage years I’ve put together our Mommy Daughter Bucket List… our top faves and times to spend together! 

Treat yo’self

Take a mini “spa” day with your little lady. The DryBar offers styles for their littlest fashionistas and oh girl was mine beaming as she watched her curls bounce in the mirror. It was a great break for mama too as we both sat in our chairs and took the afternoon for some pampering.

Namaste ladies

Whether you find a mommy and me class or pop a video on the TV in the living room, doing yoga with your daughter is a chance to find your zen together. My five year old usually only lasts about a 20 minute class but it’s just enough for us to reset and I’m glad to give her some tools to fall back on as she tackles the many stresses we all face in life.

Time for tea

While I’m not one to promote the need for girls to be “ladylike” I do love the idea of being a lady – like a Lord and Lady. Tap into your royal roots and pour yourself a cup of tea fit for the queens you are. This is the perfect afternoon activity. There are some great tea rooms and lunch spots you can add to your list as well if you’re feeling fancy OR set the classical music on low and design your own dream destination right at the kitchen table.

WANT MORE MOM+ME INSPO? Our recent CityMoms outing to DryBar would be easy to replicate for you + your little.

GNO: Mommy-daughter style

We know moms love a good girls night out: So why not invite your favorite mommy-daughter duo to join you and hit the town? Show the littles how it’s done right with some appetizers and sparkling cider. Create some question cards to keep the convo going. This is a great opportunity to master the art of “girl talk” and get to know your lady outside of the daily chaos.

Girls trip!

We are planning a full on glamping trip this summer and I am so excited! We’ve found an AirBNB about an hour away and will be joining a couple other mamas and their daughters for a full on girl’s camping trip! We are going to get our hands dirty making marshmallows, all with the comforts of some A/C nearby – that’s’ my kind of camping.

Strike a pose

Mom deserves to be in the picture! Schedule a mommy and me mini with your gal. Grab your matching outfits and take the time to capture this time in your life and make it all about mama and little bird. These will be photos you’ll cherish forever and can pull out later when you’re arguing over car dates and curfews.

Movie date

This is one of my favorite activities with my girl. We do it up right, wine for mommy and apple juice and popcorn on hand. In our coziest yoga pants, there’s just something about snuggling up and watching a movie on the big screen that always equals fun.

Baby you’re a star

A trip to the local dinner theatre or a high school play can be just the ticket to open your daughter’s eyes to the arts. We recently saw her first Broadway show and wow to see the light in her eyes brought me to tears! We listened to all the music the days leading up to the show so she’d feel engaged and recognize the music as the actors took the stage.

Pop of pink, please

A mani-pedi is truly a right of passage for us gals. Grab your little girlfriend and head to your closest salon for some pampering. The more glitter and pink the better. Mom tip – call ahead to see about the wait and if the salon offers kids chairs. {This will be a win-win for both of you.}

Mom + me adventure book

Much like our favorite tearjerker Disney film, “UP”, we created our own adventure book! Each time we check an item off our bucket list we add a page to our book. She’ll draw a picture of what we did and I’ll add a few notes. Maybe I’ll tuck it away in her bag to college one day and she’ll know she’s always mommy’s favorite girl.

OR maybe I’ll just sit in a giant puddle now as I even think about it.

TELL US: What activities are on your mother and daughter bucket list? Tweet us at @theCityMoms and fill us in!



Amanda Clark - theCityMomsWell, Amanda Clark is amazing. And had we realized we didn’t have her bio sooner, we would have totes checked in to grab it! But for now, here’s a smashing photo of her and sweet daughter Mira.

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