“Wee” love wee Wonders at the IMA :: CityMoms Report

//“Wee” love wee Wonders at the IMA :: CityMoms Report

theCityMoms are blessed to have a wonderful partnership with Newfields. Each month, this partnership offers CityMoms members a few spots in the popular wee Wonders class at the Indianapolis Museum of Art!

In this CityMoms Report, member Cheryl dives into why wee Wonders is a put-this-on-your-list activity for local families with preschoolers.

wee Wonders IMA _ theCityMoms

wee Wonders {formerly Wee Wednesdays} is a wonderful way for young children to experience art and culture. This program runs twice a week and is so beautifully run by the staff – they’re passionate about their work, art, and engaging children {future art enthusiasts and Museum patrons, right?}.

At our most recent class, my family and I entered the museum and were greeted by a staff member in the lobby. Our class included theCityMoms families, IMA members and other families who had registered – it was a good mix! Because this program is so popular, pre-registration is key. Even when classes are sold out, a waitlist is available.

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Our instructor greeted us in the lobby, let kiddos choose an apron and handed them name tags.

Once the entire registered group had gathered, we headed upstairs to the Star Studio classroom. Kiddos choose an animal, or wee Friend, headed to a mat seat, and were introduced to the theme of today’s class: An Art Hunt. The whole class would search the Museum for three art pieces.

wee Wonders IMA - theCityMoms

“We are going on an art hunt…” Parents and instructors sang as we walked to the section of the Museum where our hunt would begin. Once kids found the first art clue, we all sat to discuss easy ways the kids could observe that particular piece – pausing to take it in. Then our group dove into the Art Hunt song again and headed off to the second part of our hunt. At the last clue, we sat to read a book together in the gallery.

wee Wonders IMA - theCityMoms

We re-entered the art room to work on our art projects. This week’s was to create a cat superhero inspired by the book we had read in the gallery. Markers, glue sticks, and a cape made for happy, young artists! Once everyone finished, the instructor went around the room asking kids what they had named their cat superhero. They flew their superheroes to find a mouse in the studio. The kids excitedly look for the mouse and squealed when discovered. {And for animal enthusiasts, their cat hero later made friends with the mouse.}

wee Wonders IMA - theCityMoms

WE CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS: Museum preschools? It’s totally a thing.

wee Wonders IMA - theCityMoms

Once the session was over, class attendees were invited to stay in the Star Studio to play {Did we ever tell you theCityMoms provided most of the models pictured on the IMA’s website for the Star Studio? True story}.  Kiddos enjoyed dressing up at the costume station, playing with the light table, decorating with magnets, and the giant, life-size Lite Brite that I’m pretty sure many moms wish they had at home.

Star Studio IMA _ theCityMoms

In all, the kids enjoyed the program. The instructors were wonderful. The class is so well designed for parents and kids to engage and interact. My two-year-old and five-year-old gave it two thumbs up and I know that “wee” will definitely be back.

MORE INFO: wee Wonders runs every Wednesday and Friday from 10-11am at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on the campus of Newfields. The Museum is located at 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Costs: $8 Members; $12 non-members; Free for grown-ups and children under 2. Registration is required. This program is frequently sold out but waitlist spots are available. For more details, visit the Newfields website or call {317} 923-1331. Special thanks to CityMoms Megan Bohrer and Melanie Allen for contributing the great photography to this post!


Cheryl Lo is a food aficionado and local Indy mom. Raised by a family of chefs and amazing cooks and bakers, she enjoys learning new flavors and trying new restaurants. Her favorite thing to do when the kids are asleep – and she’s not out exploring the greater Indianapolis area – is to look up new restaurants and peruse the menu as well as looking up many new recipes to try. She shares her love of food with her kiddos and hopes to create lasting memories and traditions for them.

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