Revival Food Co :: Rachel Klein in the Momlight

///Revival Food Co :: Rachel Klein in the Momlight

“It is really freaking hard to do it all,” laughs Rachel Klein, the dynamic mompreneur behind Revival Food Co. Her authenticity and candor is as real and refreshing as her products, which are quickly becoming a local staple around Indianapolis. Let’s stop here for a moment: Have you tried the Coco Love almond butter? If not, pause reading this immediately, and head to your local grocery store. You won’t regret it.

Revival Food Rachel Klein - theCityMoms

Okay Coco Love and spoon in hand? Let’s continue…

Rachel is currently balancing a booming business, motherhood to two young boys, marriage, and life, with a sense of humor and honesty that is both relatable and inspirational. “The #bossbabe mentality is cool, but it is NOT EASY, and it’s not all cute black-rimmed glasses and sitting at trendy coffee shops,” she confesses. Rather, a portrait of modern “mompreneurship” would more likely find a tired momma balancing her finances in bed at one in the morning.

It’s not easy, but Rachel isn’t letting that stop her. Revival Food Co. is more than just a business for her; it’s personal. Rachel, an exercise science major and former dancer, found herself consumed with worry over her body, her workouts, and her calories. After some intervention from her loved ones and a lot of soul searching on her part, she decided to redefine her relationship with her body, food, and her health once and for all. This personal epiphany led her to her kitchen where she cooked “almond everything” and perfected her recipe for almond butter. After receiving rave reviews when she handed out her almond butter as favors at her own wedding, she knew she might be onto something. “It gave me new life,” she said of her newfound passion for cooking whole foods.

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Five years and two children later, Rachel’s business and family have grown up. Almond butters are the centerpiece of Revival Food Co., and are sold in Kroger, Fresh Thyme, Good Earth Natural Food Co., and Target. Her products are even available online if you find yourself with a craving from afar. The growth she experienced in the first six months of her business was impressive, and it certainly wasn’t an accident. Rachel is tenacious and creative. Back in the beginning she pitched her product to The Garden Table, and when they agreed to sell it, she also asked them for a part time job, realizing that their customers were her target demographic.

Revival Food Rachel Klein - theCityMoms

Rachel jokes that she has been googling her way through running a business since 2014. Like many female entrepreneurs she has figured out a lot of the logistics on her own and along the way, but that certainly hasn’t slowed her down. Revival Food Co. just moved into a new production kitchen in Garfield Park after outgrowing their old space, and Rachel is happy to not be hand making all the labels and packaging herself. She also has big plans for the future of Revival that involve new products, new markets, and much more. “Growth” but more importantly “Strategy” are Rachel’s focuses in 2019. While she loves being a business owner, she also loves being a wife and mom. Finding the balance has been a challenge.

Revival Food Rachel Klein - theCityMoms

“At least give it a shot,” Rachel says to other women who have a dream of starting a business. Once the inspiration strikes, you must make your move before someone else does, she advises. Rachel also reminds women to “surround yourself with mentors” and “be patient with yourself and your business.”

Revival Food Co. was a revitalization of body, mind, and soul for Rachel, and she also hopes that her company’s products will revive your pantry and the way you look at food. Do yourself a favor and buy a few jars. Pro Mom tip: Hide the Coco Love on the highest shelf of the pantry. We hear it pairs well with a nice glass of wine 😉

MORE DETAILS: To learn more about Revival Food Co. and to find where products are sold close to you peek hereSpecial thanks to Rachel + Revival for allowing use of their photography in this post! 


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