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Local Indianapolis moms doing big things: That’s the purpose of our Momlight series. And who better to feature this month than Frances Samarripa, the owner and founder of Line and form Atelier? If you haven’t scoped out her beautifully-curated, completely-kid-friendly art studio yet, it’ll be your new favorite spot. We should know… it’s one of our ours.

Frances Samarripa always had big plans for her future, but when her future happened sooner than she ever expected, she went for it after all, “These opportunities don’t come along all the time,” she said. And now over two years later, her brainchild LINE + form Atelier is booming on the city’s near east side in historic Irvington. And it leaves Fran still in disbelief how well everything fell into place.

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

It all began here…

Fran’s road to entrepreneurship has been a winding one. After leaving IUPUI, she traveled, lived in New York City, and worked for over ten years as a hair stylist with Aveda. She knew one day that she would return to school to study her passion in art therapy… she just wasn’t sure when. “Sometimes you just need a little extra time to figure it all out,” she reminisces. The time finally did come and an older, more serious Fran decided to go back to school. What she wasn’t planning just yet was to open up her own business, but she knew not to turn her back on a perfect opportunity when it presented itself, and found her drive to launch LINE+form Atelier in the Indianapolis community. Fran flexed her multi-tasking muscle and has managed to balance school, her business, and her six year old daughter, Ella.

It has been a “learning experience” according to Fran, who admits that juggling so much can be a bit daunting at times. Her biggest challenge so far has been finding a balance amidst all the creativity and chaos. 

What makes Line and form = LINE + form?

LINE + form Atelier is a community-based art studio that offers open studio time, art classes in a variety of mediums for a variety of ages, and many art groups and field trip opportunities. In response to an overwhelming community demand, LINE + form also offers adult classes, which have been a huge hit and a favorite MNO of yours truly, theCityMoms.

From toddler art classes to guest workshops, Fran carefully oversees the programming for all. But it’s the eclectic curation of her bright and spacious studio space that really sells families upon entry. Large picture windows pour natural light into the location. Canvases artfully decorated by students line the walls. A giant chalkboard wall greets guests from the back, begging to be outfitted with pictures.

Before opening, Fran scoured local resale shops and garage sales before finally settling on local Facebook buy-sell-trade group, Indy Midtown Swaperoo for her furnishings. “I got lucky in finding these long, child-sized tables and chairs after stumbling upon a church preschool who was going out of business. I found a lot of my interior pieces through Swaperoo and filled in the others between friends, sales and IKEA.”

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

Two years into her endeavor, and her business is prospering. After managing the business solo, with the exception of her incredibly supportive and helpful partner Adam, Fran finally hired a full time team to support her and has big plans for growth in the new year.

So, Irvington?

LINE + form Atelier is a welcome addition to the Irvington neighborhood, and Fran has certainly felt the love from the community. One of her big goals in 2019 is to develop the non-profit side of her business, so she can continue to give back to the community. LINE + form already partners with schools, an adult day service center, and an addiction recovery program. Fran believes that the studio should be “ever evolving” in response to the community.

When it comes to being a female business owner, Fran has faced her fair share of challenges. “Because I’m young AND a female, I’m not always taken as seriously,” she says, but like all new female entrepreneurs Fran has learned to be assertive and to know her worth. Overall, “Indy is very supportive and progressive,” she says.

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

Line and form Indianapolis - theCityMoms

Although LINE + form really is a dream realized for Fran, she is committed to putting her family first. She remembers the pressure she put on herself at the beginning to make the Dean’s List at school, give one hundred percent to the business, and excel at motherhood {sound familiar mamas?}, and she quickly realized that it just wasn’t sustainable. That is why today the schedule at Line & Form is limited. “We are there when we are there, and we hope people understand,” Fran says, “She will only be six once” she says about her daughter.

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There are so many exciting things on the horizon for Fran and LINE + form. An expanded staff does mean expanded hours. The business will reach out to the tweens and teens with some focused programming such as fashion design and calligraphy, and Fran will continue to find ways to give back to the community. And when she isn’t just mom’ing and artist’ing and business’ing like a total boss, Fran hopes to find just a little time to chill – and frankly, we know deserves it.

MORE DETAILS: LINE+form Atelier is a Reggio-inspired community art studio that focuses on providing art classes for kids of all ages. CityMoms members are blessed to receive a 15% discount at the studio on classes, birthday parties and more! L+f is located at 5612 E Washington St, in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis. Discover more about Fran’s story on the LINE+form website. Special thanks to Fran for allowing us to use some of her personal photos in this story!



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