Meet our CityMoms :: September 2018 edition

//Meet our CityMoms :: September 2018 edition

theCityMoms may be a community built for moms, but we wouldn’t be a community without the moms in it. To celebrate and honor them, here’s the latest in our ongoing series: “Meet our CityMoms: A spotlight on three CityMoms members.”

Meet Our Moms _ theCityMoms

Here are the sensational ladies we’d like you to meet this September 2018:

Crystal Wilmot - theCityMomsMeet Crystal Wilmot… a CityMom since 2014:

When I am not busy mothering Quinn Amira {age 7} and Prince Hendrix {age 22 months}, you can find me… running the Sharing Place Food & Clothing Pantry in the MSD of Lawrence Township. I enjoy playing Bingo at Book & Brews, reading at home, trying out the latest exercise craze at different studios around town. My faves are yoga and pilates.

My perfect day with the family: Cook breakfast together, visit a park or splash pad or go bowling.

My perfect day to myself {dare to dream!}: Getting my hair and nails done and then a night out with my girls.

You might be doing one thing now, but what does your dream role look like? I would like to be the head of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company but still get off in time to pick up my kids from school and daycare and figure out how to end food insecurity in Marion County by creating a network of stores, pantries and community members.

My mommy superpower is: Probably multitasking because I’m usually cooking, nursing a toddler and helping my 2nd grader with her homework at the same time.

Why did you join theCityMoms? I was looking to meet moms with kids around the same age and find some fun stuff to do around the city.

Elana Fate - theCityMomsMeet Elana Fate… a CityMom for close to 3 years:

Tell us about your kiddos: I have four amazing kids. Jack is going to be 10 in a few weeks. He played lacrosse and tennis and loves music. Eloise is 8, she is a Brownie and I am her troop leader. Her favorite thing to do is cook. Sabrina is 6, she is a Daisy and I am her troop leader as well. Her favorite thing to do is be creative and invent. Audrey is 4 and loves Mickey Mouse, Power Rangers, and making up crazy songs.

For five and a half years I was a stay at home mom. Almost a year ago I went back to work. I got a job at MISO {a utility company} in Carmel. Even though I was an attorney in my previous life, I decided not to take the Indiana Bar and instead took a job in Compliance. I really love my new field. I also love that this is the same company my husband works for. Being able to discuss work and sneak out for lunch has made us closer and more understanding of each other’s non-family lives.

My ideal family day would be: Sleeping in {haha!}, followed by an easy morning. An afternoon out all together at the zoo followed by my husband grilling while the kids and I worked together in the kitchen to make dessert. They are so exhausted that they all go to bed right on time and my husband and I sit in the hot tub drinking wine and watching the stars. We are also smugly telling each other what a great family we have.

My perfect day to myself {dare to dream!}: I love my family and I love my work, but the truth is, I need alone time to recharge. My favorite alone day in recent memory began at the spa. I got a Swedish massage at Woodhouse Day Spa and then went for a custard Key Lime Voltage at SubZero. For lunch I went to Newfields and saw the art at my own pace, then drank wine and ate a charceuterie board in the Beer Gardens. I finished the day with dinner and a movie at Flix Brewhouse in Carmel. I felt like a new woman.

You might be doing one thing now, but what does your dream role look like? I’m not sure I have a dream job. I think I would like to be novelist some day. The introvert in me dreams of a cottage in Maine and craggy cliffs and deadlines. Bit I think that’s for later in my life. Right now I am right where I need to be, part of life and busy…

My mommy superpower is: Seeing my kids as individuals. It is sometimes difficult with so many kids on the younger side, but I know there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone has the same rules and responsibilities but individual styles and interests. Taking time to let them be themselves is very important to me.

Why did you join theCityMoms? CityMom Stacy BarryWe moved from Washington DC to Carmel and I didn’t know a single soul in Indianapolis. I made a very lucky first choice in picking fellow as my realtor. She was not only great at her job but invited me to my very first CityMoms event. I am an introvert but the moms were so kind and welcoming. It was the legendary St. Patrick’s home tour party bus. I was sold. It was a tough adjustment for me with my husband in a demanding new job and trying to move into a new home, schools, and neighborhood. theCityMoms kept me from being isolated and were there when I most needed a new tribe.

Kimberly Beckett Bright - theCityMomsMeet Kimberly Beckett Bright… a CityMom since 2011:

When I am not busy mothering Juliet {8} and Tessa {6}, you can find me… At my other day job in the finance industry.

My perfect day with the family: Exploring something new-I love to visit new places!

My perfect day alone to myselfGoing for a run, coffee and a book.

You might be doing one thing now, but what does your dream role look like? I’d work at a bakery-making and decorating delicious treats all day!

My mommy superpower is: Finding things. Probably because I’m the only one that really looks for them. {Girl, we can ALL relate to this!}

Why did you join theCityMoms? To connect with other moms and take part in fun activities.

theCityMoms is the premier social community for moms in the greater Indianapolis area. We host up to 15 different events weekly for our members to connect at, including exclusive sneak peeks, playdates, moms night out and fitness classes. Try our new #tCMGetFit series where we visit a new studio each month to ‘Find Your Fit.’ Use one of our member-exclusive perks or discounts to businesses around town. Or simply use our digital forum for the support you crave between in-person meetups. However you need theCityMoms, we’re here for you. Signup for your free 14-day trial to theCityMoms today.

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