Meet our CityMoms :: August 2018 edition

//Meet our CityMoms :: August 2018 edition

theCityMoms may be a community built for moms, but we wouldn’t be a community without the moms in it. To celebrate and honor them, here’s the latest in our ongoing series: “Meet our CityMoms: A spotlight on three CityMoms members.”

Meet Our Moms _ theCityMoms

Here are the incredible gals we’d like you to meet this August 2018:

Laura Centeno Diaz - theCityMomsMeet Laura Centeno-Diaz… a CityMom since the very first day we launched back in March 2013:

When I am not busy mothering Amelia {age 8}, you can find me  at work as an academic advisor in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI. I love my career and have a long history working in higher education.

My perfect day with the family: Puerto Rico is definitely involved in this ideal day. I’d wake up in a great mood after ~8hrs of uninterrupted sleep; drink my coffee in a quiet balcony overlooking the ocean while everyone else is still asleep; cook breakfast for my family, and gear up for a day at the beach. Stop by different beach shacks or small local restaurants throughout the day for a meal, snacks, or adult beverages.

My perfect day to myself (dare to dream!): Sleeping in sounds like a great start to that perfect day. Everything else happens after coffee – the house to myself (fine, the dog can stay!), a long hot shower, watch a few shows uninterrupted, and maybe go for a mani/pedi.

In another life instead of being an academic advisor I’d… I’ve always loved food and my dream growing up was to be a chef and own a restaurant. I still get to pursue that passion on a much lower scale by cooking for my family and loved ones.

My mommy superpower is: Anticipate the needs of my family and fulfill such needs before being asked.

Why did you join theCityMoms? My family had recently relocated to Indianapolis and we didn’t know anyone in the city. We don’t have any family in the city/state so it was very important to me to meet people and establish relationships quickly, and get to know our new community and city better.

Shelly Bergman - theCityMoms

Meet Shelly Bergman… a CityMom for 2.5 years!

When I am not busy mothering Sophia {age 4} and our brand new baby Lillian, you can find me with a friend for a girl’s day out on Mass Ave or around Keystone pampering ourselves with mani + pedis, a stop at Drybar and DeBrands Chocolates, sushi and a few martinis!

My perfect day with the family: Our ideal day would be spent in Magic Kingdom with low crowds and nice weather.

My perfect day to myself (dare to dream!): See above for ‘Girls Day Out’ or exploring somewhere new with my husband. I’m not a fan of being alone for a whole day.

In another life, instead of being a blogger/social media influencer I would: Be a Disney Guide in Disney World. Showing all the special extras to families and sharing my joy with them.

My mommy superpower is Saying ‘yes’ to adventure, events and messy crafts. It’s perfect for a little kid, until the one day you don’t go somewhere and they’re asking constantly why we’re not going somewhere.

Why did you join theCityMoms? I was new to the area and had a 2 year old. We needed fun ideas of places to go and people to hang out with!

Dara Snyder - theCityMomsMeet Dara Snyder… a CityMom since meeting our Chief Mom Officer Jeanine in February 2018

When I am not busy mothering Jackson {14 months old}, you can find me… at a Yelp event exploring a new business.

My perfect day with the family would be at Disney. We are taking Jackson to Disneyland for the first time this fall.

My perfect day to myself (dare to dream!): Honestly, a day alone sounds like torture to me. I would rather be with my family or a friend.

My current job is a stay-at-home mommy and I love it!

My mommy superpower is: I’m still learning.

Why did you join theCityMoms? To meet other moms and for new opportunities for my son and myself.

theCityMoms are ‘not your average moms group’ and represent the largest social and support network for moms in the greater Indianapolis area. We host up to 15 different events weekly for our members to connect at, including exclusive sneak peeks, playdates, moms night out and fitness classes. Try our new #tCMGetFit series where we visit a new studio each month to ‘Find Your Fit.’ Use one of our member-exclusive perks or discounts to businesses around town. Or simply use our digital forum for the support you crave between in-person meetups. However you need theCityMoms, we’re here for you. Signup for your free 14-day trial to theCityMoms today.

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