Putting fear away :: One mom’s experience with Goldfish Swim School

//Putting fear away :: One mom’s experience with Goldfish Swim School

DISCLAIMER: Hey reader! Please know Goldfish Swim School is a valued partner of theCityMoms. Because of this relationship, we occasionally share sponsored content we feel could be valuable or interesting for your family. Read on, reader!

There comes a time where all we as moms want is the best for our kids. That really is every day, right? Good food, good experiences, and recently in my family’s case, we wanted the best experience for our little Levi in the water.

Putting fear away Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Levi is 3 years old. Last year, he was fearless in the water. He would jump in and out without thinking twice. He had really been in the water as a baby and we have always taken him into the pools with us. As far as we know, nothing scary happened, but this winter Levi refused to get into the water without crying. A splash pad or the bath didn’t seem to bother him, but a pool… that would make him cry. As a mother, one of the hardest things to do is watch your children struggle with their fear and not be able to help them.  

We kicked off lessons at Goldfish Swim School knowing this challenge was ahead, but not really knowing what to expect.

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Lesson Day #1: Levi did not want to get into the water, let alone sit with the other two girls in his class on the ledge. 

Lesson Day #2: When his instructor asked him questions – all he would say is NO and refuse to speak to anyone. He sat on the edge and cried. And even if the instructor was able to coax him off the ledge, he cried during the rest of the lesson.  

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

What was really inspiring during these first two lessons was the patience the entire staff at Goldfish Swim School showed Levi.

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Despite his fears, they didn’t treat him differently, still took him through the basic water safety steps for the day, and allowed him to get comfortable in the water at his own pace {but also along with his classmates}. Levi definitely had moments of swallowing water and more crying during the first two sessions.  

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Lesson Day #3: Something clicked with him. We talked about going to Goldfish and he became excited to go for this third lesson. As we arrived, he became very interested in picking out his own goggles {the School allowed him to borrow a pair at Lesson Day #2 – it was time we bought our own, right?}.  

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Despite the excited that we were seeing, anyone with a toddler knows that what they say and what they actually do are two. different. things. so we waited with baited breath for Levi to start clinging to legs or crying. But not in Lesson Day #3! He threw his goggles on and climbed into the water. BY HIMSELF. 

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms
Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Just as I’m counting my lucky stars, Levi suddenly jumped toward his instructor and off he went! Despite us thinking that he was not able to pick up on anything through his fear, he knew that he could jump safely and the instructors were there to help.   

Nothing could have made our family happier than seeing the smile on Levi’s face after his third lesson. It was a smile we’ll never forget: 

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

After his lesson on Day #3, Levi was very interested in using the spinner device to dry off wet bathing suits. {And we all know that once kids have found something they like, there’s no going back!} 

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Levi has really blossomed over the last month with his lessons at Goldfish Swim School. I do wish we would have started sooner with him. We can’t thank the instructors enough for being patient and gentle with Levi as he got more comfortable in this new environment – and then it dawned on me: It’s new to a lot of kids! So Goldfish has their ‘onboarding’ process down pat.

Goldfish Swim School - theCityMoms

Stay tuned to theCityMoms social media channels {especially Instagram!} over the next few weeks as our daughter Makenna is taking lessons there as well. She had a better start and is progressing nicely. Thanks to Goldfish, we are able to breathe a little easier knowing our kids are in the very best hands.  Editor’s note: Goldfish Swim School has provided our writer with the experience of lessons in exchange of her candid review in this post.

MORE INFO: Goldfish Swim School is a premier learn-to-swim facility dedicated entirely to infants and children, ages four months to 12 years. They have two locations in the greater Indianapolis area: 271 Merchants Square Drive in Carmel and 11581 Geist Pavilion Drive in Fishers. Lessons are offered in a child-friendly environment on a family-friendly schedule. Visit goldfishswimschool.com or call {317} 810.0790 for additional details.



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