Lessons for baby at Goldfish Swim School? Worth it.

//Lessons for baby at Goldfish Swim School? Worth it.

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Is there anything cuter than a baby in a swimsuit? No, seriously. Those tiny little suits, those sweet baby rolls peeking out, that look of pure delight meets terror when their tiny toes hit the water for the first time. Gah! If that description alone is not enough to get you to sign your baby up for swim lessons, we need to talk.

Baby Swim Lessons Goldfish Swim School _ theCityMoms

Cuteness overload aside, baby swim lessons are a thing, and yes, they are worth it for many reasons that transcend cuteness. Babies as young as four months old can get in the pool at Goldfish Swim School {accompanied by Mom or Dad of course}, and there are some real benefits for your water baby.

Did you know that swimming lessons can help develop a baby’s core strength and balance? Pretty great, right? All of those muscles that help your baby sit, crawl, and eventually walk are engaged during swim class. Getting stronger gives baby a little help with those oh-so-important developmental milestones!

In addition to physical development, signing your little up for swim lessons gives them a real social boost as well. Babies get used to being around other babies, as well as other adults, and they get to practice important social skills such as waiting their turn and listening to instructions. And last but not least, those swim lessons give your baby just a little more swagger. Yes, that’s right, I said swagger. Overcoming a fear or simply accomplishing something new helps babies develop confidence.

Baby Swim Lessons Goldfish _ theCityMoms

CityMom Dara + Jackson enjoy a recent family swim with theCityMoms.

Still not sure? Well, here is why many of our CityMoms signed up their infants and why they are glad they did:

To help at home. . .

“Bath time wasn’t his favorite, so we wanted to try and show him that water was his friend,” Liz

Safety first…

“It was about being comfortable in the water and safe in the water.” Rachel

“We’re a water family, and I know we will be engaging in water activities. Also, safety was a motivator because we live steps away from our neighborhood retention pond.” Erin

“Comfort in the water and safety…I think the familiarity with the water has been good for her.” Abigail

“With family who have a pool and live on the lake we wanted confidence and safety around water.” Amy

DYK Goldfish offers free water safety presentations for groups?

A fun time together…

“I was looking for something we could do together!” Jo

“I was surprised by how much he LOVED the social interaction. His favorite activity was tummy time, looking at the other babies on a floating mat. As a first time mom, it motivated me to find other social opportunities for him.” Erin

“I loved the baby bonding with them and seeing their progression. Now they are 6 and 7, and they are like fish in the water, and I can barely keep them out of the pool!” Amy

“We loved the bonding time, and she had so much fun!” Cheryl

A chance to do better…

“When I was in third grade I went to a pool party. I could BARELY doggy paddle, but all of the other girls were jumping off of the diving board. I was too ashamed to admit I couldn’t really swim, and when I jumped off the diving board I took in a mouthful of water and have no idea how I made it to the side of the pool. I knew I didn’t want my son to take that kind of risk, so I started him at Goldfish the day he turned four months old.” Katy

The benefits are numerous, the cuteness is limitless, so what are you waiting for? PS, CityMoms: Don’t forget to mention you’re a member and receive YOUR fabulous Goldfish Swim School perk!

MORE INFO: Goldfish Swim School is a premier learn-to-swim facility dedicated entirely to infants and children, ages four months to 12 years. They have two locations in the greater Indianapolis area: 271 Merchants Square Drive in Carmel and 11581 Geist Pavilion Drive in Fishers. Lessons are offered in a child-friendly environment on a family-friendly schedule. Visit goldfishswimschool.com or call {317} 810.0790 for additional details.



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