The Town Mouse and Country Mouse arrives to IRT

//The Town Mouse and Country Mouse arrives to IRT

Town Mouse Country Mouse IRT - theCityMoms

Moment of truth: Our family loves the theater. Especially my daughter Emerson who is {as I may have noted many exhausting times before}, the future Broadway starlet that keeps me, my husband, our family, her teachers and virtually everyone she meets on their toes.

When the Indiana Repertory Theater asked if we’d like to peek their new children’s show – The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse – I packed up my mini diva and headed to IRT. Like pronto.


As a parent, I am so shamelessly in love with how the IRT focuses on building a lasting relationship with future theater-goers: Each performance is for entertainment, yes, but it’s also about teaching children theater etiquette. The IRT calls this their Exploring Stages program, designed for ages 3 to 8.

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Each Exploring Stages show includes “Storytime Seating” {children receive floor seats and parents can select from floor or chair} and pre- and post-show activities. Generally a cast member or theater employee will visit the stage before the play to help accustom kids to who and what they’ll see onstage, the rules of the theater and more.

In this case, here were some of the things Ben Hanna – the IRT’s Associate Artistic Director – shared with the young audience:

  • “Find your pockets and sit criss-cross applesauce.”
  • “Keep your bodies during the play on the green spots.”
  • “Here we ask you to watch with your eyes, listen with your ears and also listen with your hearts.”

These basics go a long way toward training kids to be active and engaged patrons of the theater.

Town Mouse Country Mouse IRT - theCityMoms

The performance

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is being billed as a “pint sized adventure.” And the synopsis from the official press release reads: “Will has a cozy, familiar home in a boot in the barn. But when his cousin Monty takes him to the big, dangerous city, Will learns to wade through plush carpets, climb hot water pipes and outwit tame mice gone bad. Where will his expedition take him next?”

Town Mouse Country Mouse IRT - theCityMoms

Town Mouse Country Mouse IRT - theCityMoms

Town Mouse Country Mouse IRT - theCityMoms

We loved this play for how energetic and entertaining it was. The majority of the acting was done onstage, but at various times throughout, actors would dance, sing or race down the aisles by the Storytime Seating audience.

Town Mouse/Country Mouse definitely kept the kids engaged and focused throughout the 65-minute performance – crucial for teaching them to sit and pay attention to longer performances.

Town Mouse Country Mouse IRT - theCityMoms


What a wonderful moment: All of the actors returned to the stage in front of the audience. Do you have any questions for us about the play? they asked. And were peppered with plenty of young inquiries. This Q+A made Emerson review what she had watched and allowed her to see that the actors were ‘just’ people like her.

In fact the show has resonated so well with audiences, IRT has extended the run to include extra performances during Spring Break weeks:

Whether this or another future Exploring Stages performance, seeing a children’s show at the IRT is something for all family must-do lists.

MORE INFORMATION: The Town Mouse and Country Mouse will continue at the Indiana Repertory Theater thru March 25. Tickets begin at $8. Discover showtimes and purchase your tickets here. The IRT is located at 140 W. Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis. Call {317} 634-5252 for more details.



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