What we’re excited about at Conner Prairie in 2018

//What we’re excited about at Conner Prairie in 2018

Yes, we know Spring is coming and shorts weather is on the way. What really helps usher in warm Indianapolis weather though? The opening of the outdoor grounds at Conner Prairie. And we’re like all kinds of ready for this year.

When we put out a call for photos on theCityMoms members-only page this past week, the chatter of favorite CP exhibits and features buzzed loudly.

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Here’s what theCityMoms are excited about at Conner Prairie in 2018:

Our favorite stand-bys… 

Treetop Outpost

We fell in love with this spot in 2016 and haven’t looked back. In fact the Treetop Outpost was noted on theCityMoms members-only page as our #1 favorite attraction in Conner Prairie. And the CityKids agreed. Treetop Outpost features a 4-story treehouse and fun areas for exploring, building and even playing songs on outdoor instruments. Come connect with the natural materials in the world around you. Disconnect from gadgets and unplug in a beautiful wooded setting. There’s no “one way” to play here!

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Symphony on the Prairie

We love a great outdoor concert and the warm-weather seasons bring them to CP. Experience the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and many other musical guests this summer at the Conner Prairie Amphitheater. It’s the perfect place to meet friends, family, and even large groups for a fun night out. Bring your own food and drinks or purchase concessions on site. Buy a table by the stage or bring your blanket for the lawn. We spy one heck of a season lineup!

1859 Balloon Voyage

Science, technology, engineering and math come together with history in a seamless, one-of-a-kind voyage through time. You’ll find yourself in the middle of Lafayette, Ind., in the year 1859, to explore the history of manned flight, discover the rigors of airmail by balloon, and get a closer look at all the work required to lift a balloon into the sky. The culmination of this experience is the ability to step into the gondola of our tethered balloon, and be lifted 350 feet over Conner Prairie.

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

New features are coming…

Fort Hoosier

Fort Hoosier is the newest addition to our popular Treetop Outpost area. Drawing inspiration from a wilderness outpost, this all-new play structure is a place where kids and families can unleash their wild side and be active while enjoying nature. Climb, slide, crawl, and enjoy one of our rotating activities like the Sound Cannon or a signal light for sending coded messages. An artist’s rendering is below:

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Nature Amphitheater Stage

In 2018, Conner Prairie visitors will experience new areas and activities that emphasize one of the museum’s greatest assets, its land. Nestled in the trees beside Treetop Outpost will be the new Nature Amphitheater Stage. This 50-seat outdoor amphitheater will feature a covered, raised stage for nature chats, performances and storytelling that highlight the richness of the natural world around us. This new program space offers visitors even more ways to engage with the outdoors.

White River Overlook

Conner Prairie borders the White River and in many ways, the museum’s history is closely linked with this important waterway. Its seasonal floods created fertile land that drew people to the area for thousands of years before William Conner built his elegant brick home to face the river. Our forests and land have hidden the picturesque White River from view until now. Conner Prairie’s new White River Overlook will offer an unprecedented view of the river as it begins its graceful bend around our prairie. Interpretive signage will highlight the history and ecology of the waterway, allowing us to tell several chapters in the story of the White River a lifeline in our community’s past, present and future.

Favorite events are on their way too…

Passport to Hi-Tech: April 14.

Passport to Hi-Tech is the place for children, especially girls, to learn about careers in science, technology, engineering and math. it’s their ticket for a journey around our increasingly technological world. Children’ can participate in hands-on experiments, interactive exhibits, and discover more about STEM professions and opportunities in Indiana and around the world.

Shear Fun: April 28-29. 

Sheep don’t shed their wool like other animals shed their fur, so the wool has to be clipped off of them. Join staff in the Animal Encounters barn as four-legged fiber friends get a shave. Guests will get a chance to feel the sheep’s wool, ask questions, and see the process up close. Runs 10am-5pm; free with general admission.

Conner Prairie 2018 - theCityMoms

Curiosity Fair: June 10-11.

Kids and kids at heart are invited to play, create and investigate the mysteries of the world around them at this two-day festival in June. When we were kids, the world was filled with amazing, wonderful things to discover. Curiosity Fair takes that spirit and runs with it! Through a series of activities, presentations and hands-on demonstrations, the whole family will be encouraged to ask questions, share knowledge and ignite the urge to discover.


Special thanks to Conner Prairie and CityMoms Leonora, Suzanne, Nicole M. {both of them!}, Katie B., and Indy Dads Group founder Creed Anthony for use of their photos in this piece.

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