4 Water safety tips, just in time for Spring Break

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DISCLAIMER: Hey reader! Please know Goldfish Swim School is a valued partner of theCityMoms. Because of this, we occasionally share sponsored content we feel may be valuable or interesting for your families. Like this: Water safety tips for Spring Break vacationers. Read on, reader!

Like so many families, a trip south during the winter months sounds nothing short of heaven. Warm sand, warm weather, warm beach chairs… wait, are there any flights available like TODAY?

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Regardless if your family is headed to the beach, a waterpark or staycation at your fave local hotel, water time is popular for Spring Breakers. This is where the expertise of Goldfish Swim School comes in handy:

We asked: What are good water safety tips to prepare kids for Spring Break?

“Since water safety is very important at Goldfish Swim School, we also make sure to teach kids what it means to be safer around other pools  and bodies of water – like when you’re on vacation.

  1. We talk to kids about lifeguards: What their job is and how to recognize them. TIP: Always know if and when lifeguards are on duty, and don’t swim alone if there are no lifeguards on duty.
  2. Posted signs. Pay attention to posted swim times. The times may be when lifeguards are on duty or when the pool is open, but the times are listed for a reason – so heed them.
  3. Scope things out. Check out pool first – for the depth throughout, any ledges on the sides to be aware of if jumping in, where ladders are, etc. At the beach, notice any boundaries and be sure to wade through the water and notice any drop-offs and what the bottom of the water is like.”
  4. And from our theCityMoms members, here’s another great Spring Break water safety tip: Always ensure an adult accompanies children to the pool, beach or waterpark. It only takes a minute for trouble to arise!

Why not call a quick family meeting before your trip to review these tips together? However your family is best organized, just know that safety is #1 on Spring Break and any time you’re around a body of water. And hopefully these 4 quick tips help you prepare.


MORE INFO: Goldfish Swim School is a premier learn-to-swim facility dedicated entirely to infants and children, ages four months to 12 years. They have two locations in the greater Indianapolis area: 271 Merchants Square Drive in Carmel and 11581 Geist Pavilion Drive in Fishers. Lessons are offered in a child-friendly environment on a family-friendly schedule. Visit goldfishswimschool.com or call {317} 810.0790 for additional details.

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