I Support The Girls {and so should you}

//I Support The Girls {and so should you}

Support the Girls - theCityMoms

Rachael Heger’s life changed with a classified ad, but probably not in the way you are thinking. “In Search of Your Bras” she wrote two years ago. She collected 99 of them on the first day. The rest, as they say, is history, or herstory in this case.

She wasn’t trying to redefine her life per se, but she had read about a woman named Dana Marlowe in Washington, D.C. who made a large donation of bras and feminine hygiene products. Her first thought? I can do that. Rachael’s involvement with the “Menstrual Equity Movement” began at the right time. 2015 was the Year of the Period, according to Rachael.

I Support the Girls - theCityMoms

I Support the Girls - theCityMoms

After her first collection, Rachael set a goal of collecting 3500 bras before she turned 35. She met her goal in only 88 days, and it became clear the movement she was starting  in Indianapolis was not only necessary, but also really resonated with women. What began with a classified ad helped transform into I Support the Girls, a global non-profit organization determined to change the conversation about menstruation, women’s rights, and our societal views towards women and their needs.

Fast forward…

Rachael is now the National Director of Affiliate Outreach for I Support the Girls. She works alongside Founder Dana Marlowe, the inspiration behind Rachael’s involvement.

Working with 50 women in 6 countries, Rachael travels, mentors, has speaking engagements, and is of course always collecting. When she isn’t busy changing the world, she’s raising a five-year-old daughter that is proud to be her mother’s “bra mule” from time to time. A librarian by trade, Rachael retired when her daughter was born to become a full time stay-at-home parent. Despite her busy schedule, Rachael still considers herself a stay at home mom and is grateful for the immense flexibility her new career offers her. And yes that means that she occasionally takes a conference call while ice skating with her daughter. {Such is the life of a mompreneur.}

I Support the Girls - theCityMoms

The growth continues…

It is clear from speaking with her that Rachel is very passionate about I Support the Girls, but she doesn’t necessarily consider herself an expert on all things women’s health. “I’m just a woman who wears a bra and has a period,” she joked. Perhaps that is the real impact and attraction of Support the Girls. ALL women can relate. Bras and feminine hygiene products are “so necessary” but “so expensive”, Rachael said. I Support the Girls is growing, but Rachael’s true dream is for her organization to “not even need to exist”, but until that happens, she will keep fighting the good fight. “I really do believe that people are good,” she said. Rachael acknowledges that her organization provides people with a tangible and rather accessible way to help, which can feel very rewarding in politically turbulent times.

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I Support the Girls works with 40 different agencies in and around Indianapolis. This includes shelters, immigrant support groups, social workers, domestic violence organizations, and more. Rachael continues to meet remarkable women along her journey–women in shelters, social workers, feminist activists, innovative start-up creators, and more. In the last twenty months, I Support the Girls has collected over 200,000 bras and over 900,000 menstrual products. Rachael jokes that many of these have taken up temporary residence in her basement in a pile she lovingly refers to as “Mount Menstrual.”

Rachael is an inspiration. She is a mother, a business woman, and most importantly a person who is actively making a difference in her community, one tampon at a time.

I Support the Girls - theCityMoms

I Support the Girls - theCityMoms

How you can help…

  • Do a collection drive! I Support the Girls collects new and gently used bras of all variety, and new-in-packaging menstrual products.
  • Make a donation! Cash and checks are always welcome.
  • Host an event! theCityMoms recently hosted a special event at Black Circle Brewing, where 10% of all food/drink proceeds went to I Support The Girls. “Brews + Boobs” included information on self breast exams, breastfeeding {thank you Breastfeeding World and Breastfeeding USA!}, lactation consultation needs, a local business dedicated to lactation cookies and baby purees, and more. And attendees noshed on delicious Cuban food plus refreshing brews.

MORE INFO: Learn more about I Support the Girls here. For more information on theCityMoms visit us here.



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