A look at which restaurants offer unique kids menus in the Indianapolis area.

Unique kids menus in Indianapolis - theCityMoms

This post is sponsored with thanks to our friends at Cafe Baby. Cafe Baby offers fresh, homemade baby food delivered to your door with unique menus to choose from for even your littlest ones.

We know the struggle. Just when you’ve turned the corner with your kiddos – when they’ve accepted ‘new’ foods like avocados or squash or meatloaf – you hit a restaurant for family dinner night and boom. The menu shows the same ole’ same ole’: Chicken nuggets, burgers, pizza, macaroni and cheese.

And while these meals appeal to the picky eaters, it doesn’t offer any variety for building kiddo food palettes. So we asked our CityMoms:

Which restaurants offer unique kids menus in Indianapolis? Here are the faves:

Shoefly Public House

Shoefly, please bother us. CityMom Jeanine says “dishes on the kid menu are all named after what I can only assume are the hippest kids on the block, like the Camila {pulled roast chicken and sweet potato fries} to the Julio {pork tacos and yucca fries}. My kids’ fave though is the Lilah which is a no-meatloaf meatloaf with mash.” Brews for mom + dad, great eats for the kiddos = WIN.

Location: 122 E. 22nd Street, downtown Indianapolis


Unique Kid Meals in Indianapolis - CafeBaby ad

Special thanks to Guide sponsor, Cafe Baby, whose passion is to create fresh baby food, free of chemicals and preservatives, and deliver them to your door. Visit https://www.cafebabytogo.com/ for details!

Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Tucked away on a seemingly otherwise-standard kid menu is one not-so-standard option: The Pub’s popular Shepherd’s pie in a smaller, kid-friendly version. Anytime kiddos can get carrots, onions and mushrooms in their bellies is good with us.

Location: 842 E. 65th Street, Broad Ripple


Aristocrat Pub + Restaurant

CityMom Kendra pulled out her megaphone for this recommendation: “I think Aristocrat has better than average options — and the “everything platter” was a favorite when my daughter was a little bit smaller. It has little bits of things like cheese, rice, beans, fruit, and yogurt. She usually gets the linguini now.” Sold Kendra!

Location: 5215 N. College Avenue, SoBro


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table by Market District

We’ve long loved the shrimp and grits at table but CityMom Danielle had another idea in mind: “I haven’t been here but I remember reading on the menu at table {at Market District in Carmel} that they will do a kid’s portion of any of their regular menu items. Most places would probably do that if you asked{maybe? Who knows?} but I thought that was so cool of Table to just put it right out there.” SO important is this in fact that table calls this option the ‘Future Foodies’ offering and notes ‘Need something special for your future foodie, please just ask your server.’ Great idea table!

Location: 11505 N. Illinois Street, Carmel


Brugge Brasserie

Brugge in Broad Ripple has an interesting kids menu!” chimed in CityMom Nicole. And she was right! From options like PB&J crepes, grilled cheese crepes and meatloaf, these spins on your norm kid faves are unique enough to entice us in for a visit.

Location: 1101 E. Westfield Blvd, Broad Ripple


The Garden Table – Mass Avenue

Unique kid menus in Indianapolis - theCityMoms

The Biscuit Monster at The Garden Table – Mass Ave includes an egg, biscuit, bacon ‘tongue,’ berry eyes and strawberry ears. Oh and it’s just as delish for parents as it is for kids.

During the research phase for this post, some of our CityMoms met up for lunch downtown at The Garden Table Mass Ave location and low and behold… a secret kiddo dish was lurking right there in front of us! The Biscuit Monster runs $6 and includes all the protein + fruit kids need to kick off their day.

Location: 342 Massachusetts Avenue, downtown Indianapolis


Cooper’s Hawk Winery + Restaurant

CityMom Melissa made sure we didn’t forget about this fave steakhouse on the northside of Indy: “Cooper’s Hawk provides a diverse and yummy kids menu… plus they get a chocolate covered strawberry for dessert!”And sure enough, our investigations turned up a kiddo-focused menu with the ole’ standbys but also junior filet medallions and soy ginger glazed Atlantic salmon. Well done, and we’re not just referring to the preparation of the meat.

Location: 3815 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis


Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

We spotted it: A PB&J pie. And if the kids don’t want it, we will definitely indulge because any time a peanut butter and jelly-topped pita shows up on our doorstep, we need it. Sorry kids, this one may get devoured by mom and dad.

Locations: Irvington, Lawrence/Fort Ben and Greenwood


We know we probably missed a few of your kid-friendly standbys – if you’re willing to divulge your fave spots for unique kid menus in Indianapolis, please let us know in the comments! 

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