Size Envy, a guest post by Sierra Holmes

//Size Envy, a guest post by Sierra Holmes

It’s a special treat to introduce guest writers to you, dear readers. And even moreso this month when we announce that Sierra Holmes, the wonderful momma behind the blog Eclectic Kurves, has popped by. Sierra will be blessing us with her empowering voice each month whether to talk all-things-body-love, style or general mom’ing. 

Either way, we know you’ll fall in love with her as much as we have. So read on.

Size Envy - theCityMoms

Hello CityMoms! I’m so excited to contribute to this amazing group of women! As a fellow “City Mom” I hope to bring a fun and sassy voice to the blog. I’ll be writing about Style and Body Positivity mostly, but will sprinkle in a little life every now and then. I thought about easing in to our conversations on here, and then I threw that out the window… I want our conversations to be authentic… and sometimes challenging. Make sure to let me know if we’re vibe-ing in the comments! Let’s talk:

Size Envy - theCityMoms“I wish I had her_____” Fill in the blank.

I know I’ve been guilty of this. Whether it’s wanting to trim my thighs or get back my pre-baby breasts (who doesn’t want this), I’ve envied women whom I thought had the body type to boost my self-confidence. Like many women, instead of focusing on the beauty in front of me, I found my flaws, and looked to others for the acceptable fix for my ongoing body image issues. Have you been there? Today, I say ENOUGH! It’s time to reclaim your inner-goddess and help her shine on the outside!

Become BFF’s with your Mirror

Every morning, step in front of the mirror…and give yourself a compliment! It may sound silly, but it’s a proven exercise to boost self-confidence, and shrink size envy. Start wherever you feel comfortable, even if it’s “I like your hair today.” Before you know it, you’ll be saying “Girl, you’ve got a rockin’ ass!”

Love Yourself along the Journey

So yeah, there are a few things you want to change about your looks, but unless you have got a magic wand…it’s not happening overnight. (And if you do have a magic wand, please share the wealth!) Anyway, you’ve got to love yourself along the journey, or you’ll be in perpetual body shaming Hell along the way. Remind yourself that every stage of progression deserves a moment of recognition. You’ve got this!

Give Yourself a Break…and give Her one too….

Trust me…that woman you idealize has her own hang-ups too…and she doesn’t need the pressure of looking flawless all the time. I’ve actually overheard someone asking a fellow #bossbabe if she was feeling alright because she wasn’t as “glam’d up” as usual. This has to stop. We keep holding each other to a standard no one can live up too; unless you’re Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. So give yourself a break, Beautiful!

Hopefully these tips will keep you from spending too much time wishing for a different YOU. It took me starting a blog and embracing my curves to truly get that. You’re perfectly imperfect! Love the skin you’re in! Talk soon!





A lipstick enthusiast and sucker for a great graphic print, Sierra Holmes is a plus size fashion blogger and creator of Eclectic Kurves, a site that celebrates the differences that make us fabulously unique.

Sierra lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is married and a Mom of 2.

Follow her brilliant blog and find her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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