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My relationship with my car is pretty utilitarian. I need it to get me and my crew from point A to point B and then back to point A to get whatever I forgot in the first place, and so forth and so on. But in the spirit of responsible adulthood, I do realize that a car is one of the largest monetary investments I have made, so I am actually intent on keeping it in good, working order. And since my knowledge about cars is as practical as my appreciation for them, I rely on the experts to make sure that I am checking this particular item off of my “big girl” adult checklist.

Regular maintenance is key. So, the next time you stop by to have your oil changed or other ongoing service completed, ask your technician the following three questions. They’ll help you help yourself when it comes to responsible automobile ownership.


1.What can I be doing to maintain my maintenance?

Even I can commit to quarterly oil changes, but what in the world should I be doing, if anything, in between to keep my car in tip top shape? Should I do something with fluids? Do I need to pay attention to my tires? Help! As Jiffy Lube of Indiana states, car care is a part of the ‘repeat business’ business. And doing your part to maintain your own vehicle ensures a smoother repeat visit.


2. When should I drop everything and come see you?

It makes me feel better when doctors give discharge instructions with the emergency what-ifs, as I like to call them. I want to know what has to happen in order for me to swing into high gear. For instance, if my child has a fever of 104 degrees or higher, we are packing bags and headed to the pediatrician. I need the equivalent for my car. When do I rush to my mechanic? Do a few drips of oil warrant a check-up? Is that strange noise reason enough to schedule an appointment?

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3. How often do we REALLY need to see each other? 

Sure, conventional wisdom says that a car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles, but is that a universal truth? Based on the kind of car I drive, how much I drive, and the number of times a day I have to stop short to avoid running over whatever toy my child left in the exact middle of the garage, how often do we really need to meet?

One thing I have definitely learned is that to shy away from these questions or to not ask any questions at all for fear of being seen as silly or being taken advantage of is not the way to go. Any mechanic worth his or her salt is willing to be honest with you and educate you. Rest assured knowing that your brain will now be able to return to the other 521 tasks at hand.

Jiffy Lube offers parents a convenient, one-stop shop for most auto-care needs and a waiting room for loud or active kiddos. Find a location near you at jiffylubeindiana.com/.




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