One, two, tie your shoe…

//One, two, tie your shoe…
We’re at a point in my family’s growth where some of the bigger milestones have passed: Eat solids. Learn to walk. Be potty trained. Sleep through the night… well, my 7-year-old ALMOST has that one down. But the big goal at home lately has been learning how to tie our shoes. So imagine the excitement when we discovered that Nordstrom at the Fashion Mall hosts a monthly Kids Shoe-Tying Clinic! zHero.png


The clinic {which sounds well, clinical, but is actually quite casual!} takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month before the store opens. And because we wanted to share the fun, we snagged a few spots for our fellow CityMoms families to enjoy along with us.

Upon arrival, the Nordstrom Kids Shoe Department employees measured each child’s feet and had moms jot down addresses on a postcard. “We mail these postcards to you in 3 months to remind you it may be time to size up,” Department Manager Adele informed me… that’s her below in the scarf!


Nordstrom employees help demonstrate two methods during the Shoe Tying Clinic.
As the clinic kicked off, Adele and her staff gathered the kids on the floor around a huge pile of Converse shoes. These would become the practice shoes. The staff patiently explained a technique, demonstrated it to the group a few times and then took turns going from child-to-child for individual help. Practicing at home was encouraged many times, as we knew kids likely weren’t going to walk away from this having mastered shoe-tying in one morning. Thankfully the instruction was easy enough to follow for all our little learners.



Hunter, manager Adele and Emerson show off their smiles

At the conclusion of class, each child received an award, a balloon, a goodie bag complete with fun swag from TOMS shoes + a coupon for a free cookie with the Nordstrom eBar.

I was a little surprised that Nordstrom doesn’t include a coupon of any sort in their goodie bags – afterall moms with wallets are a powerful thing and an extra incentive to purchase is never a bad idea! – but it was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday morning + help push us toward our next milestone.

MORE INFORMATION: Kids Shoe-Tying Clinics are offered free each 3rd Saturday of each month. RSVPs are required. Call 317-810-9809 to reserve your spot for the next one and let them know theCityMoms sent you!

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