Green BEAN Delivery…Delivers

//Green BEAN Delivery…Delivers


Where was all this passion coming from? The sheer level of enthusiasm and excitement and just love exuding from the end of the table at Green BEAN Delivery last month was contagious at best as Matt Ewer spoke to theCityMoms.


Wait, let me back up for a minute.

We arrived at GBDHQ – that’s Green BEAN Delivery Headquarters – ready for a special CityMoms-only lunch and learn session with Matt Ewer and Beth Blessing, founders and owners of Green BEAN Delivery.

Wait, let me back up yet another minute.

The second the invitation hit my inbox, I knew it was bound to be a hit. We, theCityMoms, were being invited to GBDHQ for a lunch, meet-and-greet with the owners, nutritional walk-through and discovery of their services. And with all of the “I don’t have time some weeks to grocery shop” and “I just wish there was a convenient delivery service that also believes in good food for my fam” conversations that had been swirling back and forth on theCityMoms’ private members-only page, this invite was going to become a very hot ticket for our moms indeed.


We announced it and immediately had 20 members ready to go. Rarely do we find events packed with that much immediate panache {unless of course it involves some kind of Ryan Gosling viewing because then, well…} but this did it.

As a fan of Green BEAN for close to 3 years, I’ve watched them grow from compact-sized to starting-to-hedge-national-status level, and couldn’t wait for our moms to see and hear firsthand.

The entire Green BEAN family was out to greet us as we arrived – the founders/owners, customer service, marketing, PR team and more. Lunch was spread out with goodies from some of our local favorites like Smoking Goose, Moveable Feast and more, but once Matt started speaking, our entire group of chatty-Cathy moms hushed.

“We’re parents. So we get it,” said Matt. “We’re trying to raise our kids healthy too so we like to think that we’ve brought this same level of expectation and family value to our company.”


In extreme short – and a description meant to really whet your palette so you investigate more: Green BEAN Delivery is a simple grocery delivery service. With a primary focus on organic fruits and vegetables, boxes are pre-loaded on a weekly basis with a selection of primarily in-season produce, but customizable if someone at home hates, say kiwi {ahem, mwah}. Shoppers can add and delete items at will, including some from the vast selection of general grocery items, bulk goods, meats, dairy and more. “Household items are definitely something we get asked about – we’re looking into it,” says Matt.

The greatest thing about Green BEAN Delivery is the ease of customizing. “That was important to us too,” the founders spoke. “How do we make it easier for our customers? We like to think of ourselves as a tech company who likes to get dirty.”

But our adventure to GBDHQ was about more than just learning the basics of the service.

Owner Beth – also a licensed dietitian – walked our group through the steps to make a mason jar salad, more Pinterest-worthy than I can explain. Whoever thought salad-eating was this simple, by loading all the dressing first, the savory/heavy items in the next layer, followed by the greens. When ready to eat, simply shake to combine and voila.

Then she talked us through healthy lunch options for our kids; suggestions that in my 8 years of parenting left me thinking why didn’t I think of that?

Meat jerky instead of the same-ole’ sandwiches.  Salted nuts as protein stand ins. Mini yogurts {here’s looking at you Trader’s Point Creamery} with individual helpings of granola, fruit and more. My go-to sandwich with pretzels and cookies were dying a quick and fiery death.


But what really hit at the heart of the matter was Matt’s simple declaration to our crew: “Green BEAN Delivery is about evolution, not revolution.” Boom. For them it’s about continuing to evolve the service, the products they provide and the outreach to the community {which in and of itself could comprise an entirely different post!}.

If we weren’t already sold, then the sheer chatter of the moms who attended back at our theCityMoms private member forum was enough to rile up even more new signups.

I know I personally have loved being a Green BEAN customer, even so much as when a few spare chocolates showed up in my weekly bin one day with a love note from GBD Marketing Manager James. It’s this level of passion we saw on display at our lunch and learn, and the same level you see brought to the table at every corner.

Thank you Green BEAN Delivery for offering such peek behind your curtain. Now excuse us – we have some brussel sprouts and tangelos to devour.




MORE INFO: Green BEAN Delivery offers weekly, bi-weekly and other delivery options. Bins are available beginning at $28 and can be customized to your heart’s content. Sign up today as a new customer using the code CITYMOMS15 and save $15 on your first bin purchase. Offer is valid thru 5/31/2016.


theCityMoms would like to thank Green BEAN Delivery for their wonderful hospitality and Dittoe Public Relations for not only their extreme patience but also their ongoing kindness to our network of moms. 

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