One Of Our Faves: Bongo Boy Kids Rhythm Class

//One Of Our Faves: Bongo Boy Kids Rhythm Class


We’ve been keeping a little secret here at theCityMoms. See, it’s something we discovered last year and we’ve been selfish. We haven’t wanted to share. Because if we did, and others find out, this little discovery will become a big KNOWN. And everyone will want to GO. And there won’t be ROOM for us to enjoy this special thing.But truly, it’s too good NOT to share. So here goes:

The weekly kids Rhythm Class at
Bongo Boy Music School could quite possibly be one of the best-kept secrets for family fun in the city.


We’ll let you digest that for a moment. Maybe some of you have already found this gem. And maybe this is the first you’re hearing of it. If so, here’s more:

Bongo Boy Music School offers this weekly Kids Rhythm Class every Saturday morning at 9:15am.

It’s perfect for families with infants who don’t mind a little noise, energetic tots with plenty of inner percussion, older kids anxious to wield a drumstick, and of course parents too!

Instructor Lisa – a woman with more energy than a thousand toddlers – drives the tone for this class. She effortlessly cascades between beating on her bass drum, offering new ways to play bongos and the opportunity to try many different instruments. Before long, you’re learning the art of rhythm.The kids have many favorite moments throughout class but the scarf session leads the pack {plus it’s an easy one for littles to entertain themselves with}. Check out these big smiles:


But one of the things our moms love most is the fact that Lisa so quickly and easily reads her crowd. We’ve been participants in classes of 10 and classes of more than 50 and each time, if the kids didn’t seem to enjoy a specific activity, Lisa just switched it up on the fly!

So really, what more do you need? This class is something that has become a regular on theCityMoms calendar, and with the secret now spilled, we hope to see many more new faces in the crowd too. Just make sure to save us a chair.

Bongo Boy Music School is located in the Castleton area. While many classes dot their calendar, the Saturday Kids Rhythm Class is our favorite for kids of all ages. It is held Saturdays at 9:15am and costs $5/child. Bongo Boy also offers private lessons and workshops.

Bongo Boy Music School
8481 Bash St, Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 595-9065
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